Every member of the Neumann Monson squad gets excited at the success of another teammate.
Jacob Murphy

Intern Architect

A red rubber ball hurdles toward home plate, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. With every passing bounce, this instrument of potential joy and embarrassment reveals its mystifying balance of forgiving tenderness and formidable elasticity. The boot swings true and the ball soars deep. Our dugout erupts with cheers, high-fives, and words of congratulations as the winning run touches home plate. This was only my second day with Neumann Monson Architects, and already it was fully revealed to me the connection that this team shares. Every member of the Neumann Monson squad gets excited at the success of another teammate. If a team can be passionate and supportive in a Thursday night kickball game, I can only imagine the team charisma that exists in the pursuit of great design.

Describe your journey to becoming an architect.

As a toddler, my parents would often find my Hot Wheels lined up in a perfect line across the kitchen floor. They knew early on that I was destined for a career in a field that required a high level of precision. My interest in drawing and the process of crafting lead me to the profession of architecture. I am currently pursuing my BArch degree at Iowa State University and took the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy.

Why architecture?

Architecture is a far-reaching profession that allows one to have a substantial positive impact on those who inhabit the built environment.

What's your favorite place in Iowa?

I enjoy the remoteness of Iowa’s many scarcely populated back roads. Whether it is a peaceful walk or cruising with the windows down and a favorite tune bumping, it is hard not to get lost in the endless maze of cornfields.



Iowa State University (BArch candidate)