It's exciting when our mix of perspectives sparks meaningful innovation.
Joseph Kaftan

Intern Architect

As teachers, my parents built their careers around the value of people and learning. They constantly encouraged me to consider others’s perspectives. In addition to being a great life lesson, this has been particularly helpful for architecture. I find the process of design is so interesting because what we ultimately create as architects is not for us, but for the clients and their communities. Clients see different opportunities in the built environment than we do. It’s exciting when our mix of viewpoints sparks meaningful innovation. 

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

I’m surrounded by colleagues who share a passion for what we do and are simply good people.

What other designer do you admire and why?

James Corner Field Operations, who are are primarily landscape architects and urban planners. Their ability to provide intimate space at such a tremendous scale shows an incredibly nuanced grasp of the human condition. They are well known for doing projects such as the High Line, Navy Pier, and the Seattle Central Waterfront.

What's your favorite place in Iowa?

Dubuque. I often find myself stopping in this city on my way to visit friends and family in Wisconsin. The beautiful scenery, architecture, and urban quality make for a unique place.



University of Kansas (MArch)