My goal is to make each consultant, vendor, and employee know that they are important.
Kim DeMoss

Business Manager/Human Resources Manager

I’m originally from Ottumwa, Iowa. I moved to Boulder, Colorado after college to begin my career in Business Administration and Human Resources. Prior to joining Neumann Monson, I served Steindler Orthopedic Clinic as the Assistant Administrator for 10+ years. I also acted as an investor, business owner, and consultant for start-ups in the Iowa City area. As head of the Business Office and Human Resources here, I’m the go-to for all things business, benefits, and contracts. In addition to keeping NM’s internal cogs well-greased, I also manage consultant and vendor partnerships. My goal is to make each consultant, vendor, and employee know that they are important – and whatever they need, I’ll do anything to help resolve it. 

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

The PEOPLE - such a great group!

What do you do in your spare time?

The typical things, I suppose, with a special emphasis on family and friends...and I make sure and find time to participate in a variety of wonderful organizations--like Meals from the Heartland, Children and Families of Iowa, and Susan G. Komen of Greater Des Moines.

How do you do it?

My approach to life is to live with no regrets. I aim to be the best daughter, sibling, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, humanitarian and employee I can be - the rest will fall into place.

(515) 393-5344


Steindler Orthopedic Clinic


Indian Hills Community College (Business Administration)