Iowa is family. It's home.
Mike Vilmain


Our team strives for simplicity with an imaginative sense of the practical. Architecture should be functional and responsive, and I’ve always enjoyed guiding projects through construction to make sure the reality does justice to the design intent. Prior to joining Neumann Monson, I headed an architecture and construction management firm in Santa Fe, NM and served as a campus director for an international business consulting firm. That role allowed me to travel the world, visiting MBA campuses in San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Boston, New York, London, Dubai and Shanghai. Now I’m back in Des Moines, where it all started. It feels good to be home again. I like what you have done with the place.

What does NM do well?

No person can achieve self-mastery on his own; at Neumann Monson I’m surrounded by those who are open, willing, and capable of helping me become better and be my best.

Why architecture?

I have a passion for matching my intrinsic talent with one of the world’s deep needs.
I’m willing to commit to tasks that can’t be completed in a single lifetime.
I love an adventure, getting lost, and trusting I will figure it out.

Why Iowa?

I’ve traveled the world, fallen in love with other places, but Iowa grounds me. Iowa is family. It’s home

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Iowa State University (BArch)