Drive positive change by empowering our people, our customers, and our communities with thoughtful and relevant design solutions.

Integrity | Excellence | Responsibility | Rigor

Neumann Monson Architects is an Iowa-based architecture practice with offices located in Iowa City and Des Moines. Iowa’s pragmatic sensibility guides all our work, crafting lasting solutions with a clear sense of purpose. The success we have enjoyed raises the bar for the profession regionally, as the building industry grows to expect Neumann Monson’s level of quality in design, service, management, and contract documents.

Sustainable Quality

Sustainability is integral to our core values. High-performance design delivers savings throughout a building’s lifetime. Neumann Monson’s Green Team (GT) develops policies and processes that improve our social and environmental impact. Staff training educates the team on best practices. Company procedures and operations reduce carbon footprint and material waste. GT oversees Neumann Monson’s participation in the American Institute of Architects ‘2030 Commitment’, which requires new projects to be net-zero (i.e., energy creation balances energy consumption) by the year 2030.

Design Quality

The Design Quality group (DQ) enhances Neumann Monson’s ability to craft thoughtful and relevant design solutions. DQ supports the creative process prior to construction documentation, focusing on conceptual representation. By cultivating resources, propagating best practices, and facilitating project reviews, DQ assists project teams in realizing their designs’ full potential.

Document Quality

The Quality Assurance team (QA) establishes drawing standards, checklists, and mandatory third party reviews. The committee leads monthly educational lunches to train and educate staff on new tools, processes, and best practices. The quality of the content recently earned the QA committee AIA’s certification for continuing education.  With the benefit of dedicated QA, team members are spending less time solving problems during construction and earning more credibility with clients.

Service Quality

In 2014, Neumann Monson implemented the ‘Client Feedback Tool’, a survey system that empowers project managers to align expectations and build clients’ trust. The office holds monthly meetings for sharing feedback, trouble-shooting, and identifying trust-building opportunities. The team’s positive, pro-active mindset is strengthening client relationships, earning Neumann Monson Architects PSMJ’s ‘Premier Award for Client Satisfaction’ in both 2016 and 2017.