Muzi Dong

Intern Architect

I’m a proud native of Shanghai, China. Before coming to the United States, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Shanghai Normal University. I’ve traveled internationally to Berlin, Germany and Poznan, Poland and am now attending Washington University in St. Louis to obtain a Master of Architecture. In my spare time I enjoy taking photos about my life (city, my cat, friends, architecture) by using different media, such as film and polaroid.

Why architecture?

Architecture is one of the most vital paths and ways to understand and make strong connections with this world. It teaches me how to think about and respond to things - individuals’ behavior, experiences and memories. In other words, how to deal with the world. It’s also a powerful tool which can manipulate space, material, changing reality and creating fantasy.

What do you appreciate about the architect-client relationship?

Due to the diverse background of clients, their unique and special demands can always inspire an architect to think differently and create something they might not have thought of before.

What is your favorite place?

The Ped Mall!



Washington University, St. Louis
Shanghai Normal University, China (BA)