The Tuesday Agency

The Tuesday Agency is dedicated to thoughtful dialogue. It connects authors, journalists, historians, artists, and scholars with venues where their voices can make a difference. The lecture agency has a world-class reach that befits Iowa City’s global literary stature.

We found kindred spirits in the Tuesday Agency as an easy-going crew steeped in ambition, know-how, high expectations, and an unshakably optimistic worldview. The vibe is conscientiously eclectic, with quality as the common thread. Their basic requirement—one of our all-time favorites—was that visitors should walk in and realize, “holy shit, you guys are for real.” Accordingly, the agency’s flavor-forward material palette includes copper, blackened steel, charred beetle-kill pine, and concrete. Ceilings vary from oak boards to felt baffles. The resultant bricolage is a haven for inquisitive minds and lively conversations. And they’ll get some good work done.

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Iowa City, Iowa


2,000 SF