At Neumann Monson, there is a strong desire to discover good design.
Yiyi Zhou

Intern Architect

Architecture is obliged to exceed the obvious role of shelter. An extraordinary design takes on the responsibility of bringing positive influence to our society and environment. I was born and raised in Chengdu, China, where my family inspired me to be a responsible, open-minded, and respective person. After five years of study in the United States, I graduated from University of Kansas in 2017 with a Master of Architecture and joined the Neumann Monson team. I like to explore my creativity through painting and photography, and I wish I had more time to devote to ceramic making, as I enjoy the process of crafting things.

What do you do in your spare time?

Painting, Traveling, Cat loving.

What makes Iowa unique?

In my short period of experience, I have really enjoyed Iowa's environment. Nice and friendly people here. Last summer I joined the Neumann Monson annual canoe trip; I really enjoyed the trip and the beautiful landscape in North East Iowa.

What does NM do well?

At Neumann Monson, there is a strong desire to discover good design which inspired me... I really enjoy working with people who are passionate towards quality design. The work environment is very positive and people inspire each other.

(319) 248-4780


Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés (Paris)


University of Kansas (MArch)