Architecture is just the right mix of technical and emotional.

Fan Jin

Intern Architect

Architecture is just the right mix of technical and emotional. I care about people’s feelings. I enjoy connecting empathetically and I find meaning in helping people find happiness. And to pull that off—to make spaces that enrich lives—architects spend a lot of time heads down, making each drawing and detail perfect.

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

Passion for design is what excites me about NM. I love the team’s style and working dynamic; it’s the right leap from design school because it inspires creativity while embracing all the high standards and daily challenges of an envelope-pushing, nuts-and-bolts architectural practice.

How do you bring rigor to your work?

For me, design is a tool to make lives better. It finds simple ways to make a common thing be good, attractive, practical, and desirable. Thinking about how people feel and live in the spaces we inhabit gives me inspiration to push and refine the details.

What's your favorite place in Iowa?

For now, I don’t have much experience in Iowa because of COVID-19. But Iowa City feels like a really good place to live; it’s a vibrant setting in which to work and create.



LYCS Architecture, China
dEEP Architecture, China
Time + Architecture Journal, China


Washington University
Nanjing University of Technology


Fusion Food Organization, MO