ISU Super Review

On December 13/14, Iowa State University Department of Architecture hosted a Super Review to close out fall semester. A panel of esteemed guest critics reviewed 5th year undergraduate / 3rd year graduate student work and shared presentations on their own practices in an open forum.

The Review included ARCH 403/603 student work executed under our own Assistant Professors of Professional Practice, Andrew Ballard and Nick Lindsley.

make it obey: urban resolve in the Mississippi mud

Lifted from Mark Twain’s description of the incorrigible Mississippi, make it obey is a study in our discipline’s capacity to respond to inexorable forces and complex realities. The initial project, ‘Barge’ asks students to research the river’s relationship to the utilitarian and the urban while designing a ‘physically embodied, culturally emergent entity’ that floats between New Orleans and Davenport, Iowa. The final project, ‘Institute of’, scales up each Barge’s programmatic concept, transforming it into an experimental institute. The project site is a gifted right-of-way in Davenport, the largest city on the Mississippi without a flood protection system. Students respond pragmatically to the demands of program, access, and landscape; anchoring into the floodplain with architectural resolve.