Office Reboot Plan

Like many businesses and organizations, COVID-19 drove us to rethink our physical environment. Fortunately, our transition to remote working was quick and seamless. We hope you’ve enjoyed keeping tabs on us in our Work From Home posts on Instagram and here on our website.

Recently, we created the first phase of our reentry plan, which delineates the modifications we’ve made to our office procedures and environment. It was developed to allow each team member to plan their return to the office based on their unique circumstances. Below is a link to Phase One of our ‘Office Reboot ’plan. It conveys our modified office protocols and can serve as a resource for you as you plan your COVID-19 return strategies. Subsequent phases will be developed, and shared, as circumstances evolve

Neumann Monson Architects Office Reboot Plan

Since every organization is unique and there is no one perfect solution, we’ve included links below to additional resources for crafting your own custom reentry plan. We would also recommend that individuals check with their state and county public health departments for additional recommendations.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Employee Rights under FFCRA 

If you have questions, please contact us. We sincerely wish you, our friends, colleagues, and partners, the best.