Future Architects

To celebrate Architecture Month this April, Neumann Monson hosted a group of future architects in our Iowa City studio. Local high school students from a mix of schools worked in teams on a challenge to design a mixed-use building for a fictional client (played with aplomb by Neumann Monson’s own Tim Schroeder). They explored what it’s like to be an architect through a series of exercises including site planning, massing, elevation sketching, material selection, and storyboarding. The half-day event concluded with a client presentation of their design at the ICAD/MERGE co-working space in downtown Iowa City. It was an exciting, idea-filled morning with some pretty remarkable kids. 


On behalf of all of the students in attendance no matter what school they came from or if they were home-schooled I just want to say thank you for providing a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn about architecture. I’d have to say this was probably the best field trip I’ve taken kids on in my 28 years of teaching. Mostly because they were engaged from the minute they walked in the door through all the activities and communications with other students and adults and through their presentations in front of a real client who just happened to be the president of your firm. 

This field trip was very relevant to what we’ve been studying in our class and helped our students gain confidence that what they were learning had value and was important! Again, the activities were engaging, challenging and yet the students had ownership of the choices they made as they worked collaboratively toward a solution within the given constraints. 

This was a great experience in an awesome environment with a diverse group of professionals.  Very inspiring.”    

       –Brian Martz, CTE/PLTW Instructor at Iowa City West High School