Woman reads outside Neumann Monson designed home
Why Hire an Architect for a Home Build?

At Neumann Monson, we view residential projects as an opportunity to form enduring client partnerships. Designing one’s home is an intimate experience that leads to a unique collaboration—unmatched by other project types. If you are planning a home build or renovation, you might be wondering if you should involve an architect. An architect can help you realize your goals, maximize energy efficiency, and balance your dreams with your budget. These services, however, may not align with every project. Understanding your design aspirations and budget before beginning your home build will help determine if we are the right fit. 

Bringing Your Home to Life 

An architect can create a custom home that uniquely reflects your lifestyle. In the initial stages of the design process, we listen to understand your needs, wants, and desires. As experts in the latest building trends, materials, and technologies, we can align your goals with your budget, maximize your home’s energy efficiency, and reduce long-term utility costs. Your home is an investment in your future, and we plan for longevity.  

Reducing Construction Complications 

Architects can also facilitate the construction process. Services like site evaluations place your home in the most effective location, minimize site disruptions, and maximize the site’s typography and views. Rough sketches, renderings, and 3-D models further reduce complications by allowing you to visualize your space and understand design solutions. As we prepare documents for construction, we perform a rigorous quality assurance review to make sure drawings and specifications are communicated clearly to your contractor. During construction, we work closely with your contractor to make sure the project stays on track and within budget. We aim to earn your trust and ease the process of designing, building, and maintaining your home.  

Understanding Architecture Fees  

If you are thinking of hiring an architect for your home build, it is important to understand architecture fees and factor them into your overall budget. Typically, architecture fees range from 10-15% of the construction cost. Depending on the home, construction costs can range from $200-500 per square foot. Fees may differ based on the project scope and the services provided. For example, fees may be at the higher end of the spectrum for renovations as these projects tend to be more unpredictable.  

Factoring in architectural fees may put the initial, up-front cost of your home above its appraised value. However, you will likely recoup the additional fee through design efficiencies in both spatial and energy planning, resulting in reduced utility costs. Quality assurance reviews will also reduce the likelihood of unexpected construction expenses, offering further savings. Although you will need to invest the initial capital, working with an architect provides long-term benefits. 

Planning Your Home Build  

Neumann Monson’s portfolio of work includes unique projects of many sizes, including home builds. On every project, we establish clear guidelines related to scope, delivery of services, and associated fees—ensuring we exceed your expectations. Through transparent communication, we create trusted client partnerships, elevate the everyday, and help you bring your dream home to life. To learn more, contact Neumann Monson today.