NM’ers always have your back.
Anna Aversing

Intern Architect

I lived in London for half a decade and acquired a British counterpart, so naturally I fancy a good cuppa and am constantly apologizing (sorry about that). Having landed back in the state of my youth, I really value that I can be myself at Neumann Monson. Authenticity is encouraged, which makes people’s passions all the more palpable and infectious. Whether you’re deepening your knowledge set on a project or striving for a personal goal, NM’ers always have your back – we’ve built a culture of trust and support that extends beyond office walls. 

What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I just started bird watching and I don’t understand why people make fun of it – it’s delightful. I may be halfway to 70, but I figure why not get a head start?

Where have your world travels led you?

Even though I picked up a healthy dose of neuroses and anxiety after 4 years of New York City living, I’m somehow totally comfortable with international travel – I can’t wait to hop on the next plane. I’ve covered a lot of ground in Europe and dabbled in Africa and Central America; next up I’ve got my sights on Patagonia. Most recently I’ve been exploring Iowa’s small towns and backroads on weekend road trips. I’ve titled these adventures ‘Iowa: Deep Cuts’.

What's your favorite 'Iowa Nice' story?

My favorite Iowa Nice story happened one spring when I helped my mom set out a patio table and chairs on the curb, free for the taking. The next morning we woke up to warm banana bread with a note saying ‘Just a little thank you for the free table and chairs. It was nice to sit outside in the morning.’

(319) 248-4757


Foster + Partners (London, New York)
Wight & Company (Chicago)
Gensler (Chicago)


Iowa State University (BArch)


Jury, Best of Neocon
Iowa City Downtown District