Art and interiors were always something I was passionate about.
Cameren Stanek

Interior Designer

My parents came from different Illinois backgrounds, and I was influenced by the best of both worlds. I learned the importance of practicality from the suburban side, while the big city side taught me that presentation and ambience can make any occasion feel special. Both sides taught me the importance of our connections with others. Keying into our clients’ visions involves a lot of listening, with careful attention to expressions and enthusiasm. It’s important to take a client’s priorities and passions to heart, and to be able to determine what little things they might see as big things. It makes designing the right experience come more easily.

Why Iowa?

People often ask me this, and my answer always remains the same – it’s the people. While the design of a space is oh-so-important to me, it’s the people that make a space fulfilling. Now it’s my job to create amazing spaces for the wonderful people I’ve met here.

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

Our office is a fun place and you’ll often see us spending time together outside of work. We bring a lot of humor to the table with our creative–and, ok, sometimes strange–minds.

When did you realize you wanted to be an Interior Designer?

Growing up, my creative juices were always flowing. ‘Playing with Barbies’ for me was all about place-making; building dining room chairs out of paper, laying wood floors of popsicle sticks, and re-purposing bits and bobs around the house. The effect of spatial design on people has always intrigued me because I can sense the impact on those around me – it’s a magnificent feeling! For this reason, I also studied psychology while pursuing my degree in Interior Design.

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Internship at Neumann Monson
Study Abroad: Rome, Italy
Travel to Serbia and Macedonia


Iowa State University (BFA)


International Interior Design Association (IIDA)