Architecture is a catalyst, setting a framework for life and all its complexities.
Chucho Loria


Curiosity is a constant at Neumann Monson, as is a sense of responsibility to our clients and communities. Lately, I’ve been fascinated with the digital realm’s growing potential and with new opportunities among the blurred boundaries of architecture and other disciplines. Architecture’s breadth and far-reaching impact makes it one of humankind’s most important expressions. Architecture is a catalyst, setting a framework for life and all its complexities. The mission of designing with purpose resonates with every person in the office.

Describe your journey to becoming an architect.

I was born in Mexico as one of four brothers. I’m convinced my family had never heard the word ‘architecture’ before I took an interest. A bit later in life, however, I learned that my great grandfather attended engineering classes at the state university – I cherish the memory of my grandma showing me the wooden box that housed his brass drafting instruments from his student days.

What's an untapped passion you'd like to devote more time to?

Shoe design. There is much to say about the simple contrast of a clean stich against a leather surface as a background.

What makes Iowa unique?

I knew about Iowa since my days in Mexico. I worked for a sponsored program in Mexico, which attracted students from all over the United States. It was easy to spot the Iowan students – always a positive and good intentioned. Iowa is special. I realized that I was a true Iowan when I opened the door for an older gentleman and he returned a kind gesture with the expression “Oh, look at this good Iowan!” I was surprised by the comment, but I proudly nodded back with a “Yes, sir!”

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Yucatan Autonomous University, Mexico (BArch)


Iowa City Community Leadership Program