Of the many places I've worked over the years, NM is the closest I've found to being family.
Daryl Robinson

Architect, Specification Writer/Quality Assurance Manager

The process of transforming thoughts and ideas into physical structures has always fascinated me.  I knew I wanted to be an architect when I was very young, long before I knew how to spell the word correctly.  I have drawn inspiration from Eero Saarinen, whose pragmatism and creativity allowed him to elevate the structural elements of buildings into the realm of art.  I sincerely appreciate the level of trust clients bestow upon us as designers and consider it a sacred partnership.

If you could invite any 3 people--living or dead--to dinner, who would you invite?

I would enjoy having dinner and conversation with Abraham Lincoln, Jack London, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It would be a fascinating evening of entertaining discussion concerning philosophy, empathy, adventure, literature, art, and music; all with an abundance of wisdom thrown in.

What makes Iowa unique?

I love driving Iowa’s peaceful two-lane country roads. I marvel at the hard work and ingenuity of Iowans; their perseverance to farm in the face of nature's power, the trust and optimism that they will succeed, and their respect for the land.

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

Of the many places I've worked over the years, Neumann Monson is the closest I've found to being family. I am blessed to work each day with this group of talented professionals who truly love what they do.

(319) 248-4789


Gensler (Washington, DC)
HKS (Dallas, TX)
LKA Partners (Colorado Springs, CO)
J.W. Nakai & Associates (Colorado Springs, CO)
Peter Callins Associates (San Antonio, TX)
J.L. Hernandez & Associates (San Antonio, TX)
The Benham Group (San Antonio, TX)


Texas Tech University (BArch)


Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
Old Brick