We like to dance.
You should see it.
Pam Devine


Up until I was a sophomore in high school, I was on track to become a teacher.  Then I had my first Accounting class. I fell in love with the “balancing” of it all. I started my career at KRNA in Iowa City, and although I held an accounting position, I also delivered the on-air weather report for several years, in character, as “Gidget”.  The height of my fame was having my face show up on a Taco John’s refillable cup (the washable kind, not the kind you throw away). While my main role at Neumann Monson is financial, I very much enjoy helping my teammates, answering questions, and navigating our professional services software. Our team at Neumann Monson is very focused but when we get the opportunity to let loose a bit, we have a lot of fun together.  We like to dance. You should see it.

Who is your hero and why?

Eliot Keller, co-founder of KRNA Radio, had a huge influence on my professional and personal life. He taught me a lot about the business world and set a great example. He was a true believer in the "golden rule,” was very involved in the Corridor community, and was always a proponent of change for the better. He passed away from ALS in 2009, and I will forever have a great deal of respect for him and who he was.

Why Iowa?

I love Iowa. We have a great quality of life here, and the change of seasons is a bonus! Why would you want to live anyplace else? There’s a great mixture of arts and culture, but you can also get away from it all by taking a day trip to enjoy the beautiful countryside; the "Great River" drive along the Mississippi, or the Anamosa and Stone City area…that’s Grant Wood country.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love travelling, mountains and wildlife. My two favorite national parks are Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone. I like to read, listen to audio books, and watch movies – give me Doris Day, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn! My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and close friends, either playing games or just hanging out.

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