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Intern Architect

Andrew Youngstrom

Andrew Youngstrom, Intern Architect at Neumann Monson Architects

It’s a privilege to cultivate experiences for users.

Although I was interested in art and design at an early age, I didn’t always know where it would lead me. I always enjoyed drawing and admired good graphic design but found myself more drawn to the experiential quality of the built environment. A high school introduction to architecture course helped me merge my design interests with spatial experimentation and model-making, pushing me toward architecture as a profession.  

Architects have a unique opportunity to engage with the spaces we experience daily. It’s a privilege to cultivate experiences for users and find ways to promote inclusivity, sustainability, and community engagement. I constantly challenge myself to search for personal growth within all aspects of design.

What do you do in your spare time?  

Often, I find myself traveling to surrounding towns in Iowa. I enjoy the adventure of stumbling upon a new community, learning about its history, and documenting its architecture through photography. I also enjoy collecting and refurbishing vintage film cameras.

What excites you about Neumann Monson?

Our collaborative studio environment. At Neumann Monson, everyone is encouraged to contribute to the design process, which in turn, produces a creative, comprehensive, and diverse approach to our practice.  

What’s an untapped passion you’d like to devote more time to?  

I am passionate about music and currently play the Alto and Tenor Saxophone. I’m aiming to expand my resume and learn a new instrument.  

Iowa State University (BArch)