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How Do Architectural Fees Work?

Price is an important consideration when hiring an architect. Rather than avoid the conversation, we address it head-on, knowing transparency leads to the best partnerships.

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The Elephant in the Room

Architectural Design Fees

No matter the purchasing decision, you want to know the price. Why should architectural services be any different?

Architectural fees can range widely, making it hard to provide a one-size-fits-all cost estimate. Architects may charge a percentage of the construction cost, a flat fee, an hourly rate, or utilize a hybrid approach. The amount you pay is based on the time and effort that goes into your project.

Factors that Influence Architectural Fees

Typically, architectural fees are a percentage of a project's construction cost. Whether the percentage is at the low or high end of the spectrum depends on several factors.


Project Size

Relative to the construction cost, smaller projects generally come with higher fees. Smaller projects involve the same components as a larger project with fewer repeatable elements.


Project Complexity

Complex projects require a greater level of planning and coordination. The resulting added time will likely impact fees.


Risk Level

Every building project presents unknowns, but some, like renovations, have more than others. A higher level of risk will likely impact fees. 

Pricing for our Services

Pricing for architectural services varies from project to project. Our fees generally range from 8-15% of a project’s construction cost for basic services.

The best way to determine what you’ll pay is to contact an architect and explain your project type, square footage, and goals. Services like feasibility and programming studies can also help you determine your needs, leading to more accurate estimates.

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Work with a Trusted Partner

Transparency creates the best partnerships—and the most impactful projects. We have honest conversations about pricing, fee structures, and billing, so you know what to expect. Although our fee may vary from project to project, our commitment to your experience remains. 

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“We have been fortunate to work with Neumann Monson on many of our major projects and our experience working with them has been terrific. They have been an essential part of our team and helped us shape our vision while keeping cost and scope in mind. Neumann Monson is always very responsive, organized, and detailed with all our projects.”


“I have worked with Neumann Monson for over 20 years, and in that time, have come to know them as a collaborative partner, a design leader, and a responsive client-centric teammate. We consistently challenge them with compressed budgets and schedules, and they continue to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions every time.”


“They communicated and collaborated with us, our contractor, subcontractors, and all team members on every important event. On each project, we have been impressed not only with Neumann Monson’s extraordinary and innovative designs but also with their understanding of real-world deadlines and budgets. They brought every project in on time and within budget.”

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A building project is a big undertaking. Before meeting with architects, research fees, project costs, and construction budgets. Get started by exploring our learning center.

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