Working within the City’s 134’ height limit, a 40’x80’ footprint, and a construction budget of $200/sf, the design team condensed a robust mixed-use program onto a 3,200-sf downtown site surrounded by a mix of historic styles and eras. Honing the minimalism of its mixed-use predecessors, the building provides much needed residential, retail, and office space to the heart of the city.

Rigorous detail and restrained materials form a refined whole: a transparent structural-glazed curtain wall envelopes habitable spaces, a solid CMU core anchors circulation and services, and galvanized steel balconies give depth to an otherwise taut skin. LED-lit units enjoy high-efficiency HVAC and share a central water heating plant. Park@201 demonstrates the pragmatic, aesthetic, and financial benefits of medium density mixed-use buildings.

Fully claimed before completion, units entered the market at $300/sf and sold out at $506/sf. Park@201 serves the city’s rapidly growing need for quality urban living and high-end commercial space. It provides contemporary relevance to a highly active pedestrian plaza. Park@201 residents further invigorate the nearby galleries, eateries, theaters, cafés, workplaces, and outdoor park spaces.

Project Type



Iowa City, Iowa


48,000 SF




2014 AIA Iowa Design Award
2016 AIA Central States Design Award