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Diverse Insights Deliver Great Architecture

Every aspect of your project receives our team’s collective knowledge, driving the highest level of quality.

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A Team-Oriented Approach Enhances Your Project

A building project is a large investment. You deserve an architect who provides the highest level of quality. We find the best way to achieve quality is through a team-oriented approach. On each project, four self-managed teams contribute their passions. You receive our entire team’s knowledge, leading to innovative solutions and a smoother process.

architects sketching at a drafting table

Client Experience Team

A well-designed experience is as important as well-designed architecture. The Client Experience Team works to enhance every interaction you have with your architect and make sure you are informed and inspired every step of the way. Through feedback requests, the team tracks your expectations and addresses problems before they arise.

Architectural clients in a site planning workshop

Design Quality Team

You deserve a high-quality design, and the Design Quality Team helps us deliver. Through project critiques, brainstorming sessions, and educational opportunities, the team helps us innovate, simplify, and enhance our design work. Your project will go through at least one Design Quality critique to help you discover ways to add value without adding cost.

Architects reviewing plans

Sustainability Team

We all have a responsibility to fight climate change, and your project’s impact can be immense. The Sustainability Team reviews your project and finds ways to enhance its potential. From the project’s onset, they integrate the best sustainability strategies and technologies, reducing your carbon footprint and the long-term costs of building ownership. 

Solar panels on a green roof

Quality Assurance Team

A smooth construction process relies on an accurate set of contract documents. On every project, the Quality Assurance Team reviews all drawings and specifications to assure everything is communicated clearly to the contractor. This process reduces errors and omissions, helping your project deliver on time and within budget.

architectural design team at a construction site

Talk with an Architect

You deserve to thrive in a high-quality space. Let’s help you get there. Schedule a 30-minute call with an architect to discuss your project and goals. We typically respond within 2-3 business days.