Architecture of Voxman Courtyard
Architecture for Living Your Mission

What if every act of architecture made the world a better place? At Neumann Monson, this question animates every project we undertake. We believe architecture has the power to cultivate communities and preserve natural resources.

Our goal is to make this potential a reality by creating spaces that empower people—places where people learn, connect, and discover their potential. Through thoughtful and relevant design solutions, we help individuals and organizations live their mission and drive positive change.  

People and Purpose 

People and purpose are the heart of our design process. Inspired by optimism and grounded by pragmatism, we know that driving positive change starts with the client. We consider the evolving needs of your organization, its mission and values, and the long-term impact of our work. 

Our approach centers on three pillars: accessible excellence, exceptional experience, and enduring impact. These pillars guide our work, helping us collaborate with you to create spaces that reflect your values—all while making a positive impact on the community and planet. 

Accessible Excellence 

Excellence is inherent to everything we do. Whether we are meeting with stakeholders or outlining deliverables, we apply rigor and care to assure the highest level of quality. At the same time, we take inspiration from our Midwestern roots and ground each project with a sense of pragmatism and humility.

We believe in elevating the everyday by driving solutions that are as simple as they are innovative and creating spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.    

Exceptional Experience 

Our goal is to act as your trusted guide, bringing all stakeholders into the process and making sure every voice is heard. We listen with empathy and align ourselves with your goals and values, becoming stewards of your vision. Successful projects—ones that inspire and cultivate communities—begin with trusted relationships between clients, consultants, and contractors

We continuously ask for feedback to improve our processes and take a proactive, course-correcting mentality to client relationships. From napkin-sketching to ribbon-cutting, Neumann Monson is your collaborative partner in bringing your vision to life.  

Enduring Impact 

Architecture leaves a lasting impact, presenting a tremendous opportunityand responsibilityto drive positive change. We take our responsibility to the planet seriously and weave sustainability through the fabric of our culture.

Our holistic approach has helped clients achieve high-performing buildings that consume less energy, produce fewer carbon emissions, and give occupants healthier interior environments. These projects have earned national recognitions, including the National AIA Top Ten Award, the architecture industry’s highest award for sustainable design excellence.

The impact of the built environment is not limited to its carbon footprint; buildings also leave a lasting impression on the individuals and communities who inhabit them. On any project, we collaborate with stakeholders and design with people in mind. We consider the longevity of each project and create durable, adaptable spaces that will stand the test of time.

Community is the soul of architecture, and our job is to nourish it.  

Living Your Mission  

Your project begins with your mission. At Neumann Monson, we’ll work with you to create quality spaces where your mission thrives, emboldening you to drive positive change. A finished project that enhances your ability to live, learn, create, and connect is our highest aspiration.

Start the conversation today and learn how Neumann Monson can help you live your mission.