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Drew DeSollar


It’s rewarding and motivating to be surrounded by such inspiring people.

I first fell in love with filmmaking when I was 14. My mom had won a GoPro at a charity auction and decided to let my friends and I use it. From there, my passion for visual storytelling grew, and I began teaching myself to use cameras—eventually leading me to the University of Iowa’s Cinematic Arts Program.  

At Neumann Monson, my passion for filmmaking has merged with my interest in architecture and design. My mom is a real estate agent, and she instilled in me a deep admiration for the work that goes into designing and constructing a building. She often joked that I would grow up to be an architect. Little did she know my passion for filmmaking would lead me to an architecture firm.  

Who is your hero and why?

Dennis Villeneuve, my favorite director. I deeply admire his ability to tell stories with minimalist visuals and ambiance.  

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

The amount of passion and empathy we have for the community and environment. It’s rewarding and motivating to be surrounded by such inspiring people every day.  

Name one challenge you've set for yourself.

My challenge is more Neumann Monson. I want to create the best content I can and show off this special group. I also want to win the AIA video award because who doesn’t love awards? 

University of Iowa