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Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center

The newly constructed animal care and adoption facility replaces an original destroyed by flood waters in 2008. The facility comprises four main program components: human, feline, canine, and a support spine that spans each of the three other program elements. Building functionality is further defined and separated by Private (animal receiving/enclosure) and Public (animal adoption) along either side to achieve safety and separation requirements. All design decisions were vetted for their provision of safety for animals, staff, and volunteers, while maintaining physical, acoustical, and air exchange separations.

The project site is located within the Iowa City municipal campus on a riverside site that is above the 200-year floodplain. The geothermal field and adjacent bike trail, located to the west, provide ample and convenient space for animal exercise. Flanking the municipal services park to the north and south are two public recreation areas which aid in funneling visitors to the animal facility.

The building’s gabled roof forms tie in with the municipal campus. Space within the gables is used for general storage and mechanical, electrical and IT equipment. Interior and exterior building materials were selected for durability, maintainability, and economy. The design can easily expand program components independently as the Center’s needs increase over time. 

Project Type: Civic, Humanitarian

Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Size: 12,000 SF

Completed: 2015

Collaborators: Jackson & Ryan Architects, Programming Architect

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