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Kalona Brewing Company

Formerly a farm implement store, this restaurant/brewery celebrates the hard-nosed traditions of the community’s labor culture and the reemergence of the nation’s beer culture. It offers locals a flavor of home and visitors a new understanding of rural looks, textures, and tastes.

Located at the downtown’s edge, the brewery anchors the business district and invites in the adjacent residential neighborhood. The design takes advantage of the open layout of the industrial structure. A masonry bearing wall runs east/west separating the building. The split between the two spaces naturally creates a division between serving and service functions.

The restaurant is located on the south side of the building and features a central bar aligned with the building entrance. A barn wood canopy visually pulls pedestrians off the street and to the tap. The bar is flanked to the east and west by dining. The north side of the building houses the kitchen, restrooms, and brewery functions.

The exterior harkens back to its original masonry box by removing an existing wood awning. The glass block entryway was replaced with a storefront alcove that creates views into the central tap wall inside. Finish materials draw from local suppliers, such as the walnut table tops, steel bar top, and the barn wood canopy.

In a town known for its Amish contingent, the Brewing Co. creates a fittingly modest and engaging atmosphere.

 Project Type: Retail/Hospitality

Location: Kalona, Iowa

Size: 4,000 SF (renovated)

Completed: 2013

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