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Intern Architect

Katie Dulohery

katie dulohery at Neumann Monson Architects

There is a unique humility in how we approach design.

My interest in architecture is an extension of my love of art. Growing up in rural Kansas, I did a lot of landscape paintings, shaping my understanding of light, composition, and the importance of place. Architecture provided an opportunity to play with these elements and create moments that directly impact individuals.  

In school, I became drawn to work that benefits people from a range of backgrounds. The built environment shapes life experiences, health, and well-being—both on a personal and community level. My goal as a designer is to create environments that better serve us all.  

What has shaped how you think about design?  

I think there is a level of Midwestern practicality in how I approach design. Much of my family has worked in the trades, which has grounded my understanding of the design process and how buildings come together.  

What excites you about NM?  

There is a unique humility in how we approach design. Neumann Monson successfully balances the need to push clients toward designs that elevate the user experience with the understanding that we ultimately serve the client and their communities. We work on a variety of project types, but our mission stays the same. 

How do you think about users during the design process?  

I’ve had the unique experience of attending user meetings with UIHC, and hearing about the workflows of medical professionals and how spaces can better fit their needs has been incredibly insightful. Users provide an invaluable perspective when making design decisions—especially on complex projects. 

Kansas State University (MArch)