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Khalid Khan

Our assemblage of personalities is striking.

Our assemblage of personalities is striking and I’m buoyed daily by how we support each other, welcome each other’s opinions, nurture each other’s’ talents, and encourage each other to flourish in our own unique ways. Transcending the limitations of the self is fundamental to the team’s larger project. Empathy is more than an armchair exercise here; clear and consistent communication with each other and with our clients is essential. One of the highest compliments I have received from a client is that we listened to his needs and exceeded all expectations to such a point that he started dressing differently because of his new space.

Why architecture?

Why architecture indeed! Architecture is the most pragmatic of the arts and potentially the most sublime. I admire architecture that moves the spirit, whether that is through a simple detail or by an enclosure that dissolves into space and light.

Why Iowa?

Iowa literally means the “sleepy ones.” I love our state’s quiet beauty and simplicity, its rolling hills, its farmsteads, its friendly people. In so many ways it is the opposite of my upbringing in the east. My youth there helps me appreciate things the way they are here. It also nudges me to consider the constructed ‘natural’ that Iowans have created and the part that architects play in that process.

Who is your hero and why?

My heroes are the ordinary people who do the extraordinary every day.


Iowa State University (BA)

Recent Experience 

East 2nd Street Parking 

111 East Grand 

Kreg Tool Headquarters


Iowa Architect Magazine
Iowa State University Architectural Advisory Council
Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation
Muslim Community Organization

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