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Principal, Board Secretary

Kim McDonald

I'm excited to come in every day and be amazed by what this team does.

Since becoming a partner in 2001, our team has grown threefold.  I’ve truly enjoyed this journey and I’m excited to keep pushing to make Neumann Monson become the best it can be. My mission is to be a passionate force for positive change in my family, my work, and my community. I will stay actively engaged and build influence through hard work, empathy, and integrity. I will remain humble to my roots and endeavor to persevere…and hopefully have a little fun along the way.

What's an untapped passion you'd like to devote more time to?

Besides travel, I’ve always had an interest in food, wine and cooking. I suppose I got that gene from my mother. She was a gourmet cook. We grew up with Beef Wellington, Oysters Rockefeller, Chateau Briand, wild game, and other exotic dishes. One of my favorite trips was a behind the scenes tour of a Napa winery. It was led by the assistant wine master, a cousin of one of the people with whom I was traveling. He took us everywhere and delighted in climbing up the barrels and dipping his wine thief in various bungholes. Seriously, that is what they are called. If I weren’t an architect, I think I’d be a winemaker.

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

We’ve got a great team here!! I’m excited to come in every day and be amazed by what this team does.

What's your favorite 'Iowa Nice' story?

One morning I was in Java House picking up my triple latte. A woman I know tapped me on the shoulder and said, “doesn’t that look like George Lucas?” I turned, and sure enough, it was George Lucas. I chatted with him as we both walked out the door. Me, off to the office and George, back to the Sheraton. I asked him what he was doing in town and he replied he was here for a study at UIHC where they were scanning the brains of creative individuals. I said it was a pleasure meeting him and wished him good luck with the study.

The next morning, I was back at the Java House and was surprised to see a number of people waiting for Mr. Lucas to show up. People had books, DVD’s and posters, they wanted him to autograph. I grabbed my latte and right in front of what is now Park@201, I ran into Mr. Lucas again. I said, “Mr. Lucas, they’re waiting for you.” To which he replied with a panicked look on his face, “are there any other coffee shops?” I mentioned a couple of other shops but they were a bit of hike. He shrugged his shoulders and went to the Java House. On the third day, people were waiting for Mr. Lucas in costume. Funny thing, he did not show.

I don’t know what this story has to do with anything other than me trying to show Mr. Lucas my “Iowa Nice," but I got a kick out of it anyway.

Iowa State University (BA in Architecture)
University of Iowa (MBA)

Recent Experience 
Jack Trice Stadium South End Zone
Kinnick Stadium North End Zone
UIHC at Forevergreen Road

(319) 248-4803