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Lyndley Kent

No one really gets Des Moines until they arrive and see how much of a gritty cultural identity there is here.

For me, good design is about knowing exactly what you need to arrive at a clear and honest solution and not adding additional noise in hopes of making it look better. This is a common opinion here at Neumann Monson, which is a big part of why I love working here. Having that kind of clarity requires intense collaboration from everyone involved. 

Our work is so collaborative that, in a lot of ways, managing a project isn’t so different from balancing all of my personal interests. Cooking, travelling, learning about cultures, gardening, bird watching, and cheering on my sports teams takes a lot of planning to keep them coordinated. So I’ve had good practice. You have to keep your eye on the big picture throughout the process, otherwise you might find yourself chopping broccoli right in the middle of the Pack’s drive. 

What's an untapped passion you'd like to devote more time to?

I’d love to finish learning Spanish and start drawing or painting again. 

What do you appreciate about the architect-client relationship?

One of the best parts of projects is getting to know the client's hopes and dreams for their project. Asking them the right questions to prompt their hidden interests and passions that drive the design concepts and ensure that they get exactly what they need.

What's your favorite place in Iowa?

I love Des Moines. People think of it as this sleepy Midwestern town with not much of anything going on. No one really gets Des Moines until they arrive and see how much of a gritty cultural identity there is here. It has all the Midwestern values and light traffic you’d expect plus a plethora of great restaurants, a thriving artist community, weekly festivals and events, a reviving downtown, and this overall proud ‘we don’t care what you think, we love our city’ mentality.

Iowa State University (BArch)

Recent Experience 
Market One
St. Luke the Evangelist
The Stanley Center for Peace and Security 

Iowa Women in Architecture
AIA Iowa
West Des Moines Leadership Academy

(515) 393-5338