Market House

Neumann Monson and McComas Lacina Construction have worked with developers Ross Nusser and Mark Paterno to bring Iowa City’s Northside District a new gathering place at the corner of North Linn and Market streets. From the top of the church steeples to the bottom of the beer caves, the neighborhood is steeped in familiarity and vitality.

As Nusser describes, “There’s so much history here on the Northside, but in some ways, it’s become a forgotten part of town. I want this to be a place for people to gather and rediscover all the amazing things that are here.”

Above underground parking, the main space is planned as a restaurant with a mezzanine level for a smaller, complementary commercial space. Levels 2-5 are residential. A two-level, townhouse style condo stretches between Levels 2-3, surrounded by four one-bedroom condos per floor. Three larger condos fill Level 4. Two extensively glazed penthouse condos occupy Level 5. The building is accessible to seniors with wider doors and hallways, an elevator, and accessible bathrooms

“The rooftop terrace is going to be the centerpiece of this project,” Nusser says. “I’m really excited about what it’s going to bring to this side of town.”

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Iowa City, Iowa