Commitment to quality
Commitment to Quality

A pragmatic approach defines everything we do, including the way we organize our studios. The most effective way to deliver quality design and exceptional service is to encourage our team members to contribute through their strengths and passions.

Over the past decade, we have organized our studios into four self-managed teams, which include Client Experience, Design Quality, Sustainability, and Quality Assurance. Most of the staff is engaged in at least one of these teams, as well as their own projects.

This approach creates a nimble and purposeful culture with minimal hierarchy. Each project benefits from the collective knowledge and experience of the entire team, which drives the highest level of quality and directly benefits our clients. 

Client Experience Team 

We believe a well-designed experience is as important as well-designed architecture. The Client Experience Team (CX) is dedicated to continuously improving client interactions and results. We employ the Client Feedback Tool to track stakeholder expectations and meet clients’ needs at every stage of the project.

When feedback is gathered at the end of a project, little can be done to change the project outcome. By requesting feedback at regular intervals, we drive improvement in all our processes and build better outcomes in every project phase.

This proactive approach drives a problem-solving mentality that has earned praise, including PSMJ’s “Premier Award for Client Satisfaction” for three consecutive years. Feedback is only the tip of the iceberg. Through CX, we build our entire design process around the needs of the client.  

Design Quality Team

You come to us for excellence in design. Our job is to deliver. The Design Quality Team (DQ) helps us continuously deliver thoughtful and relevant solutions. The team facilitates the creative process by leading ideation sessions, mentoring interns, and creating a constructive dialogue around design.

On every project, a member of DQ outside the project team reviews design plans, helping us meet clients’ needs with designs that elevate the everyday. This philosophy maximizes the potential of your budget while creating spaces that reflect your mission and values. With the help of DQ, we enjoy a thriving studio culture centered around pin-ups, open dialogue, and continuous feedback. 

Sustainable Design 

Architects have a responsibility to the environment. The Green Team (GT) finds opportunities to educate our team on the latest sustainability practices. We involve GT at the beginning of every project to integrate the best sustainability practices and research new strategies, technologies, and methods.

One of the team’s ongoing tasks is overseeing Neumann Monson’s participation in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment, which pushes for all new projects to achieve net-zero energy by 2030. To date, Neumann Monson holds 24 Leadership in Environment and Design (LEED) certifications, along with national sustainability awards like the AIA Top Ten COTE Award, the industry’s highest award for sustainable design.

Looking to the future, GT pushes us to achieve higher sustainability goals for our clients, including net-positive designs and Living Buildings.

Quality Assurance Team 

The best ideas can fall short of their potential if not executed with disciple and rigor. The Quality Assurance Team (QA) assures every project runs smoothly. Throughout a project’s lifecycle, they set specific benchmarks to support effective communication and understanding among all team members.

As we prepare construction documentation, QA reviews all building details and specifications to assure all are communicated clearly. Reviews are completed by a QA member outside the project team, supplying a fresh set of eyes on all drawings and specifications. The accuracy and consistency QA brings to each project minimizes disruption during construction and creates long-lasting, high-quality buildings. 

Promoting Quality Together 

Each team plays a unique role in setting up a project for success, creating a firmwide, interdisciplinary design philosophy that incorporates each team’s goals. Through ongoing collaboration and feedback, we promote quality at every stage of the process—from meeting with clients and setting up deliverables to presenting a finalized building.

Together, we expand your vision of what is possible.