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Sarah Noble-Hagerty

A child’s mind is a sensitive thing. Our family was on vacation when my folks decided to tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hillside Studio in Spring Green, WI. I was young and at first not even interested in getting out of the car. Somewhere along the tour though, something clicked in my brain. I turned to my mother and said “This is what I want to do”. Boom, the rest is history.

I find that accessing a child-like mindset now, as an adult, can be a wonderful design tool. It opens us to that direct connection each user makes with the world. Elaborate, monumental experiences certainly have their place but there is so much joy in finding tiny moments and everyday rituals.

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

The people here. Working with thoughtful and talented people promotes thoughtful and thrilling design. It’s a win/win.

Why architecture?

I LOVE puzzles and architecture is a giant puzzle. Getting to flex my creative muscles while problem-solving…yes please.

What's your favorite 'Iowa Nice' story?

There are way too many. I’ll go with the classic 4-way stop where you all get there at the same time and end up waving at each other to go for a ridiculous amount of time before someone finally makes a move. Iowans are a polite bunch.

Iowa State University (BArch)

Recent Experience 
Central Lee CSD
UIHC at Forevergreen Road