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Intern Architect

Zifei Zheng


Architecture is full of creation and care for daily life.

My journey to becoming an architect began my freshman year of college. Curious about the field, I audited an architecture course and learned about the relationship between occupants and space, between humans and the material environment.

I realized architecture is full of creation and care for daily life. It is a subject with warmth. Attracted to this idea, I decided to transfer my major and later pursued my master’s in the US.

Today, my innate curiosity continues to drive me. It is my curiosity that inspires me to continue learning architecture, work in different countries, and meet new people.

What do you appreciate about the architecture-client relationship?

Clients give architects a new perspective to discover the possibilities of design. They provide professional knowledge about their daily life, and we provide spatial solutions. In the end, we are teammates working toward the same goal—satisfying design solutions.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with friends and watching movies. I also enjoy exploring new cities, practicing photography, and spending time outside (if Iowa’s weather permits!). I’m addicted to sunlight.

Why Neumann Monson?

NM is such a lovely and friendly community where everyone supports each other. We are a group of creative individuals who work together as friends.

Cooper Union (M.S. of Architecture)
Zhejiang University of Technology (B.A.)