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5 Signs You Should Update Your Workspace

January 31st, 2022 | 5 min. read

5 Signs You Should Update Your Workspace

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As you look around your work environment, you may find it’s no longer living up to its potential. Whether your workspace feels cramped, distracting, or simply outdated, it may be time for a refresh.

In our 44 years of experience, we’ve worked with many clients who have found themselves in work environments that no longer fit their needs. Using a collaborative, empathy-driven approach, our team of architects and interior designers has helped commercial building owners find innovative solutions that uniquely fit their organization’s needs. 

So, how do you know if your workspace needs an update? In this article, you will learn five signs you need a renovation: 

1. You are running out of space 

2. You struggle to concentrate 

3. The space no longer fits your culture 

4. The space no longer aligns with your brand 

5. Talent attraction is suffering 

After reading, you will better understand if your organization is ready for a renovation and how an architect or interior designer can help you find solutions. 

Signs You Need to Update Your Workspace 

1. You are Running Out of Space 

If your organization is growing, you may find your workspace feels more crowded than usual. A lack of space is a telltale sign you should update your facilities. 

Many assume they need to expand their facilities or invest in a new building—but these measures are not always necessary. In many cases, you just need to reconfigure your existing space. Outdated furniture, ineffective layouts, and bulky storage solutions that are unnecessary in our digital world can all contribute to a cramped work environment. 

An architect or interior designer will work with your team to get a better understanding of their needs. Through pre-design surveys and discussions, they will learn about a typical workday, how your team members spend their time, and their spatial and storage needs. 

With this information, they can help you get the most out of your existing space or suggest alternative solutions. 

before and after of a renovated workspace

An architect can help you reconfigure your existing space.

2. You Struggle to Concentrate 

Difficulty concentrating is another common reason businesses update their workspace. Studies show it can take someone up to 23 minutes to regain their focus after encountering a distraction. Frequent distractions throughout the day can greatly diminish productivity.  

Often, distractions point to an acoustical problem. Although open offices are great for collaboration, noise travels easily. 

Working with an architect or interior designer, you can find solutions to control the noise level. Physical barriers—like focus rooms, conference rooms, or soundproof booths—can help control noise during phone calls or virtual meetings. You can also explore soundproofing and noise muffling options. 

Acoustic problems can be difficult to solve, but an architect or interior designer can help you find practical solutions. 

3. The Space No Longer Fits Your Culture 

Your work environment reflects your company culture. A workspace with private offices most likely has a different culture than an open office. If you are undergoing a cultural shift, your physical workspace may no longer fit your values. 

We’ll use a personal example to illustrate this point: 

At Neumann Monson, we once had more hierarchical organizational structure. Our office reflected these values. Physical barriers divided individual workstations, and leadership sat near the windows. 

Over the years, our structure became less hierarchical and more team-oriented. This cultural shift required a physical transformation. We removed barriers between workstations, opened the floorplan, and moved leadership to the center of the office where they could easily interact with different teams. 

In short, a new design can both symbolize and facilitate a cultural shift. A renovation can be a powerful tool for internal change. 

4. The Space No Longer Aligns with Your Brand 

Similarly, your work environment may no longer align with the image you want to present to clients or customers. Do you find yourself embarrassed by your office? Are you asking clients to meet at coffee shops rather than your conference room? It may be time for an update. 

Let’s look at a real-world example: 

The Tuesday Agency is a full-service lecture agency that represents authors, journalists, historians, artists, and scholars. Originally, they operated out of a small, leased office above a restaurant space, but as their business grew, they needed a space that better reflected their brand. 

They decided to move into a downtown development. This new space features a library-like atmosphere and whimsical details—perfectly suiting the creatives they represent. 

Simply put, your work environment may not fit the name you are creating. A renovation can help you showcase your brand and grow your business.   

The Tuesday Agency's office

Whimsical details at The Tuesday Agency’s office reflect their brand identity.

5. Talent Attraction is Suffering 

Your employees are your greatest asset, and when it comes to attracting talent, your work environment is a powerful marketing tool. You need a space where people feel productive and creative—a space that makes people excited to join your organization.  

The hiring market is more competitive than ever. With many companies offering remote work options, it can be harder to stand out among the competition. It’s important to create a space where people enjoy spending their day.   

If you are struggling to keep up with the hiring market, it may be time to update your space. An architect or an interior designer can help you find solutions that make your workspace more productive, collaborative, and—of course—beautiful. 

How Can an Architect or Interior Designer Help? 

Renovating your workspace can be a crucial step in your organization’s journey. It offers the opportunity to increase productivity, revamp your culture, attract new customers, and make your organization more attractive to top talent. 

Working with an architect or interior designer can help you discover design solutions that fit your needs.  

Although you know you need a change, your exact needs may not be clear. Learn how architects can help you discover your needs by reading our guide to programming