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By: Tyler Stone
September 21st, 2023

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors, often exposing us to high pollutant and contaminant levels. As research continues to unveil the link between the built environment and human health, designers are striving to minimize risk and promote occupant well-being.


By: Tyler Stone
September 19th, 2023

School renovations can be complex. In addition to existing building conditions, design and construction teams must manage tight schedules and intricate phasing plans to maintain operations for students.

By: Nick Lindsley
September 14th, 2023

Construction closeout is the period between Substantial Completion and Final Completion. Although you are free to occupy the building, the contractor will remain on-site to finish the punch list and prepare the building for final approvals.

By: Josh Rechkemmer
September 12th, 2023

A commercial building is a significant investment with long-term cost implications, and improving performance and lowering energy costs should be key design goals. In Iowa, one way to improve performance is by taking advantage of the Commercial New Construction Program.

By: Lyndley Kent
September 7th, 2023

Selecting a building site is one of the earliest and most important decisions on a building project. Along with your initial project cost, your choice will likely affect your organization and its operations for years to come.

By: Tyler Stone
September 5th, 2023

The built environment accounts for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the biggest obstacles in the fight against climate change. Most buildings rely on non-renewable fuel sources like coal, oil, and natural gas, and in the coming years, we must find ways to switch to carbon-free alternatives.

By: Tyler Stone
August 31st, 2023

Architect-client relationships rely on contracts that outline the scope of work and roles and responsibilities. Although there are many contract types available, the most common are those produced by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

By: Josh Rechkemmer
August 29th, 2023

A mechanical system is a major investment. Initial costs can make up a significant portion of a construction budget, and heating and cooling are some of the greatest long-term expenses of building ownership. Your choice also has a direct impact on occupant comfort and your carbon emissions.

By: Tyler Stone
August 24th, 2023

Water scarcity is a serious issue across the globe, with many areas facing severe shortages and compromised quality. Even areas with abundant precipitation are at-risk due to climate change and the continued use of aquifers.

By: Jesse Bulman
August 22nd, 2023

A building project requires extensive planning. Before construction can begin, you will need to secure a contractor, survey the site, and get a permit from your local municipality.