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By: Nick Lindsley
April 12th, 2024

Exterior material selection is a crucial decision during the architectural process. While defining the building’s character, exterior materials protect the building from weather, moisture, and changing temperatures. The quality of your choice has a lasting impact on your maintenance and operating budget.

By: Nick Lindsley
April 4th, 2024

Every building project has a limited budget—and multifamily developments are no exception. To achieve a return on investment, developers must spend construction dollars wisely.

By: Dave Zahradnik
April 2nd, 2024

Community engagement is a cornerstone of a successful building project. For municipalities and public schools, it helps ensure the completed project meets local needs and provides necessary amenities. Similarly, engaging residents can help corporations and private clients build excitement for a project, attract talent, and cultivate community connections.

By: Amy Guhl
March 28th, 2024

Selecting interior materials is a crucial part of the design and construction process. Choices have long-term implications, affecting aesthetics, maintenance, and life-cycle costs.

By: Andrew Evans
March 26th, 2024

Trees are an invaluable urban resource. They shade our streets, protect our homes, and beautify our communities. Every tree has a story spanning decades—and that story shouldn’t have to end after the tree’s removal.

By: Tyler Stone
March 20th, 2024

A master plan provides a bird’s eye view of your organization’s growth and development. It outlines potential facility improvements and budget requirements, helping your team plan projects intentionally and invest dollars wisely.


By: Matt Krieger
March 14th, 2024

While addressing climate change requires multiple solutions, reducing the built environment’s impact is part of the equation. Between heating, cooling, lighting, and appliance operation, buildings consume a large amount of energy, accounting for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

By: Lyndley Kent
March 12th, 2024

Overseen by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), Just is a third-party platform for measuring an organization’s commitment to equity and social justice. The voluntary program allows organizations to transparently disclose their operations, how they treat employees, and their financial and community investments with a simple, easy-to-understand label.

By: Sally Obernolte
March 8th, 2024

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) seeks to promote a socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative world. Its certification programs provide measurable paths for organizations to reduce their carbon footprints, strengthen community connections, and improve occupant well-being. These programs include:

By: Josh Rechkemmer
March 7th, 2024

While buildings serve a functional purpose for their occupants, their impact extends beyond their walls. When combined with thoughtful urban planning, architecture can create destinations, contribute to community identity, and foster connections between people and the places they share. This process is known as placemaking.