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Jesse Bulman

By: Jesse Bulman
May 16th, 2024

On a typical building project, a design team needs several months to develop a concept, select materials, and produce contract documents. For some owners, shortening this process may seem appealing.

By: Jesse Bulman
April 26th, 2024

Choosing a project delivery method is a component of every building project. The delivery method determines the contractual relationship between the architect, contractor, and building owner and how each team member works together.

By: Jesse Bulman
April 18th, 2024

In 2008, our home state of Iowa experienced one of the worst natural disasters in its history. Flooding throughout the state impacted approximately 21,000 homes and over 3,000 businesses—amounting to nearly $6 billion in damages.

By: Jesse Bulman
March 1st, 2024

Compared to other building types, schools have a significant responsibility. They serve a vulnerable population, and parents entrust these facilities—and those who manage them—to keep their children safe.

By: Jesse Bulman
February 20th, 2024

For most organizations, change is inevitable. While educational institutions face shifting enrollment numbers, corporations and manufacturing plants must adjust to changing market demands.

By: Jesse Bulman
February 1st, 2024

Good architecture is functional, sustainable, and beautiful. It responds to occupants’ needs and improves their daily lives.

By: Jesse Bulman
January 25th, 2024

Choosing a project delivery method is a crucial component of any building project. While private organizations can choose from a range of options, public entities like schools are limited to those specified in state law.

By: Jesse Bulman
November 7th, 2023

According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the built environment accounts for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Every building project—whether a renovation or new construction—is an opportunity to lower these emissions and cultivate a more sustainable future.

By: Jesse Bulman
August 22nd, 2023

A building project requires extensive planning. Before construction can begin, you will need to secure a contractor, survey the site, and get a permit from your local municipality.

By: Jesse Bulman
August 1st, 2023

If you are planning a building project, you may be considering solar power. This investment can be an effective way to lower your carbon footprint and operating costs, and with more financial incentives available, it is more feasible than ever.