East College Street

The Tailwind Group is rehabilitating three 19th century buildings in the heart of Iowa City, removing later additions to the rear in order to construct a multi-family residential building. That building’s revenue facilitates the historic buildings’ preservation. The balance of old and new fulfills the city’s vision for downtown by preserving and enhancing the historic buildings while encouraging appropriate infill development with a mix of uses.

The project reactivates the street with a range of vibrant tenants, maintaining local character and harmonizing with existing buildings. The new building matches the height of an adjacent hotel but its placement, in the middle of the block along the alley, sets it back from the historic streetscape.

Historic preservation
The site’s original buildings gain Local Historic Landmark status—ensuring them against future demolition—and are rehabilitated using Secretary of the Interior standards.

The residential building exceeds Iowa City’s TIF Policy energy standards and meets LEED Platinum.

Support for the Arts
The project provides a local arts group programmable space, shop, office, sales counter, and restrooms on the third floor of the Crescent Building. This use restores the third floor to a public gathering space (it was once a meeting hall) and strengthens downtown’s presence as a cultural center.


Project Type

In Progress


Iowa City, Iowa