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Josh Rechkemmer

The process is the most rewarding part for me.

Since joining the Neumann Monson team in 2002, I have witnessed our firm's continued growth, evolution, and engagement—all the while focusing on serving our clients at the highest level. Our team is passionate, skilled, smart, constantly pushing to improve, and fun to work alongside.

The process is the most rewarding part for me—the discovery and design within our team, the relationship with our clients, and ultimately the construction of a new piece of architecture. One of the best moments in our relationships with clients is to hear how they enjoy and appreciate their space. It validates that we listened and, hopefully, delivered more than was expected.

Describe your journey to becoming an architect.

I came to architecture later in my path than most. I explored construction, graphic design, landscape design and planning before realizing architecture was a synthesis of all the skills and passions that I had. I’m grateful for my roundabout journey; not a moment wasted and it gives me a unique perspective on what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

What's an untapped passion you'd like to devote more time to?

If I could do anything, it would be going out on a road trip to see our country at a slower pace along less traveled roads. It might also involve visiting and seeing as many of our nation’s national parks and professional baseball games and stadiums as I can.

Why Iowa?

Iowa is a great place, and I’m glad that we fly a bit under the radar. I learned this by leaving then coming back as my wife and I began our family. The people of Iowa are hard-working, genuine, friendly, and don’t take themselves too seriously. And our communities of Des Moines and Iowa City have so much going on in them that our profession can be engaged in. We’re able to explore and lead exciting and challenging projects without the headaches of a big city.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (MArch)
Iowa State University (BS)

Recent Experience 
Des Moines Federal Courthouse
Voxman School of Music
Hieronymus Square

ACE Mentor Program of Eastern Iowa
Workplace Learning Connection

(319) 248-4770