Yifan Sun
Architects can be the dream-building machine for our clients.
Yifan Sun

Intern Architect

Architecture always spoke to my interest in drawing. When I started applying for college, I started imaging my ideas being built and becoming a reality.   

Initially, I had a love-hate relationship with design. I struggled with every project, but once it was complete, I felt so fulfilled and got better every time. After five years of studying, I decided to take some time off to reflect on myself. I soon realized that I didn’t have the same passion for other interests as I did for architecture and decided to pursue my master’s degree.  

Now, at Neumann Monson, I am thrilled to continue learning with this group of fun, brilliant, and kind people who make me feel at home.

What other designer do you admire and why?

Tadao Ando. His architectural style is called the “haiku effect,” emphasizing nothingness and empty space to represent the beauty of simplicity. The way he explores and creates memorable identity in his designs is always really inspiring to me. 

What do you do in your spare time?

Exploring all kinds of painting and making digital drawings. I’m also a total Potterhead and huge fan of Miyazaki, so you can find me watching those movies over and over.  


What do you appreciate about the architect-client relationship?

I appreciate the fact that architects can be the dream-building machine for our clients. We can use our knowledge to guide them and help them achieve their goals.




Washington University (St. Louis)
PTW (Shanghai, China)
Ton Yuan Architecture Design Institute (Shandong, China)