Ames Intermodal Facility

The Ames Intermodal facility is located on Hayward Street on the west border of Campustown, a high-density mixed-use neighborhood that borders the Iowa State University campus.  The facility provides parking for the neighborhood with a combination of permit and pay-on-foot spaces, in addition to providing regional bus, city bus, and airport shuttle services. The terminal space includes ticketing, management offices, and 24-hour lobby and restroom facilities for off-hour use.

The cast-in-place, post-tension structure is a grade plus two elevated structure with an alternate for one additional level.  The design uses the natural slope of the site, which minimizes the overall height of the structure.  Cantilevered walkways along the east side provide increased safety and visibility for pedestrians, while screening parked cars from view.  Glass stair towers on the east and west also provide increased visibility. The masonry-clad ramp responds to the material context of the historic Campustown District nearby.

A multi-use trail along the north side of the site will connect to the larger city trail system. Covered bike storage and bike lockers will be located at the north end of the terminal.

A setback on Hayward Street allows for future retail development and the ramp is designed to expand vertically or horizontally.

Project Type



Ames, Iowa


4,125 SF




Rich & Associates, Parking Consultant

LEED Rating