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AIA Iowa Emerging Professionals Competition

October 8th, 2020 | 2 min. read

AIA Iowa Emerging Professionals Competition

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Congratulations to NM’ers Alyanna Subayno (and team) for placing 1st and Danny Cryer for placing 3rd in the AIA Iowa Emerging Professionals (EP) Competition! The EP Competition provides an opportunity for young professionals to share and receive exposure for a side project. Submissions may include built or unbuilt projects, design sketches, renderings, models, photography, painting, and video.  

Alyanna’s group submission titled, “Learning in (a) Place,” is a proposal seeking to address issues such as finance, access, and resources when it comes to education in Brooklyn, NY.

An ingrained culture of racial diversity and vibrant culture has persisted in the borough of Brooklyn. Despite these social values, however, the area continues to suffer from discriminatory actions to a point where it struggles to preserve its heritage. Education is a main talking point in this respect, where the disparities between schools serving opposite ends of the economic spectrum are unequally funded. As a community with lower than average income, Flatbush has become part of the disadvantaged system – with under-performing students at public schools, effecting their forthcoming futures.

At its core, the proposed form addresses the block sized scale of the site, interwoven with the concepts of permeability and adaptability. The mass mimics the pre-existing urban fabric of the city – with buildings lining the street frontage and voids in the middle to create public outdoor spaces. The fragmented ground level serves to provide a variety of open learning spaces for all ages as well as discreet residential access. Its materiality is largely transparent, with its height matching the scale of the existing building to make residents feel included and respected.

The project was completed with Rhino, VRay, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, as well as the laser cutters/3D printers that allowed us to make a physical model that fit into our suitcases

Additional team members included: Obhishek Mandal, Marilyn Stephanou, Vinay Porandla, and Henry Melendrez


Danny’s submission titled, “Tower to the Moon,” is an undergraduate thesis project exploring the role of absurdity in architectural design.  The vehicle for this investigation was the project of a tower to the moon.  The conceived solution was an amassing of architectural projects, ranging from useful to unrecognizable, all over the earth until, layer of architecture upon layer of architecture, the new architecture-earth runs into the moon.  The resulting drawings represent eight building designs that are positioned somewhere in the middle of the absurdity spectrum and one office of the architect, a stand-in for the seemingly infinite number of subsequent projects necessary to fulfill the brief.

The drawings were made in a pseudo-technical format using Rhino, AutoCAD, and Illustrator with red ink annotations added on physically printed sheets which were then scanned.