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Nick Lindsley

By: Nick Lindsley
September 14th, 2023

Construction closeout is the period between Substantial Completion and Final Completion. Although you are free to occupy the building, the contractor will remain on-site to finish the punch list and prepare the building for final approvals.

By: Nick Lindsley
May 16th, 2023

With long timelines and many moving parts, building projects present plenty of risks. Site conditions can be one of the riskiest components of a project, and often, extra work is required to prepare the site for construction.

By: Nick Lindsley
May 23rd, 2022

Design work doesn’t happen in a bubble. Like all creatives, architects look to examples of past work to generate ideas and solve problems. The process of studying past work is known as precedent research, and it’s foundational to every building project.

By: Nick Lindsley
February 9th, 2022

A building project is an opportunity to grow your organization, enhance your culture, and solidify your mission and values. Whether you fulfill these goals depends on the effectiveness of the design process. The most successful projects occur when you consider the needs of everyone who will use the completed space.

By: Nick Lindsley
December 3rd, 2021

Architecture can be a slow process—and for good reason. Consulting relevant stakeholders, finding the right solutions, and providing quality assurance reviews takes time. Depending on the scope of your project, it can take months or even years before construction begins.