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Is Neumann Monson a Good Fit for You?

August 9th, 2022 | 7 min. read

Is Neumann Monson a Good Fit for You?

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Hiring an architect is a big decision. Depending on your project’s scope, you may work with the same team for months or even years. It’s important to research your options and find someone who understands your goals.   

In our experience, the best client partnerships start by establishing alignment. We know we may not fit everyone’s needs, so we set expectations with potential clients and transparently discuss the type of work we undertake. Successful projects occur when everyone is on the same page at the beginning of the design process. 

This article will discuss the type of work that best fits our approach and the type of work that may not be a good fit, helping you determine if we are the right design team for you. 

Neumann Monson May Be a Good Fit If… 

1. You Are Unsure of Your Needs and Want Guidance 

You may know you need a change, but the right course of action may not be clear. Should you renovate your existing space or move locations? Do you need to expand your current facility or reconfigure your existing layout? 

Helping you determine your needs is our forte. Through feasibility studies, site selection services, and master planning, we can help you weigh your options, estimate costs, and create a long-term plan for your organization’s development. We provide guidance and analysis, so you can make decisions that align with your goals. 

2. You Value an Inclusive Process 

People are the heart of our process, and we know successful projects occur when everyone has a say in the outcome. 

Through visioning and planning workshops, we bring stakeholders together to brainstorm ideas and establish goals. Our process engages those who use the space daily, whether employees, students, or community members. 

If you want a process that engages your people and creates shared ownership over the outcome, we may be the right team for you. 

3. You Want to Enhance Your Organizational Culture 

Your building is the lifeblood of your organization. A functional and well-designed space can improve your mood, health, and productivity. At the same time, it can reflect your mission and enhance your internal culture. 

Our approach can help you overcome the challenges of your current workspace. By bringing your employees into the process, we can help you identify pain points and find solutions that uniquely fit your needs. We can also help you implement tested strategies that improve occupant health and well-being. 

If you want to enhance your organizational culture, change your approach to work, or create a bold new brand identity, we may be the right fit. 

4. You Value Sustainability and Aspire to Make a Positive Impact 

Every project is an opportunity to enhance the lives of individuals, strengthen communities, and create a more sustainable future. We integrate sustainable design strategies into everything we do and work well with those who want to make a positive impact. 

Whether you want to decrease your carbon footprint, lower your energy costs, or engage your community, we can help. We discuss sustainability at the start of the project and help you assess options, evaluate costs, and explore building verification systems like LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge. 

Our passionate and experienced team provides the guidance you need to reach your sustainability goals.   

Neumann Monson May Not Be a Good Fit If… 

1. You Are Considering a Residential Home or Remodel 

While we occasionally design single-family homes, they are not our main line of work. We work best with residential clients who have unique design and sustainability goals. 

We may not be a good fit if you are considering a more traditional single-family home or a smaller-scale renovation. 

Learn more by reading about our approach to residential projects. 

2. You Are Looking for a Drafting Service 

As mentioned, we work well with those who are unsure of their needs and want guidance. We may not be a good fit if you have something specific in mind and are looking for a drafting service to create drawings. 

3. You Want Someone to Stamp Your Drawings 

Occasionally, we hear from individuals who need an architect’s stamp to get city approval. An architect’s stamp signifies that the drawings were created by the architect or under their direct supervision. Stamping drawings created by another is not a lawful practice of architecture. 

Learn more by reading about the meaning behind an architect’s stamp. 

Is Neumann Monson the Right Architect for You? 

Early alignment leads to the most successful partnerships. By outlining our values and approach, we hope to make the experience of finding an architect easier for you. 

We work best with clients who are unsure of their needs. Our process brings stakeholders together, helps you weigh your options, and leads to unique solutions that fit your organization. We provide the guidance you need to enhance your culture, improve your operations, and live more sustainability. 

If this sounds like you, we are excited to hear it! Contact us and schedule a call with one of our architects to discuss your organization and goals. To learn more about working with an architect, read about the seven steps of the architectural process