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STEM Institute

December 20th, 2018 | 1 min. read

STEM Institute

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Neumann Monson unleashed 120 seventh-grade architects at Kirkwood Regional Center’s STEM Institute in December.

Our own Jesse Bulman and Nathan Griffith guided six classes of future designers through a 20-minute, multi-step design process. Each small team dove head-first into a high-excitement game of group discussion, design iteration and rapid prototyping. The result was a gingerbread house-size model of their dream buildings crafted of wooden-skewer columns, expanded polystyrene floor plates, and construction-paper cladding.

STEM Institute is an interactive event for seventh-graders that highlights careers requiring Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-based education. It provides an engaging platform to start the conversation about career self-discovery. Students identify a field of study that aligns with their aptitude and interests and then participate in three interactive sessions hosted by STEM-focused businesses and organizations.