Center Point-Urbana CSD, High School

A steady increase in enrollment led the District to build a new high school. This project was the first phase of a domino effect of projects and was followed by the conversion of the former high school into the middle school. The former middle school, located in Urbana, then became the second elementary school in that town to alleviate overcrowding.

The new high school utilizes tested sustainable concepts. The District is pursuing these strategies to reduce operational and maintenance costs, while creating the best possible learning environment for students. An energy analysis studied several layouts to determine which would deliver the most energy efficient design. The study also aided the design team in minimizing materials to create the most easily constructed solution with the most efficient interior layout. A daylight and mechanical equipment analysis was also conducted.

The floor plan is easily navigated and helps this large two-story facility feel smaller. A central lobby, corridor, and stair organize the building into quadrants with traditional classrooms located at the building’s front. The media center and larger volume spaces, such as the gymnasium and music components, are in the rear two quadrants. The main entrance vestibule connects to both the central lobby and the administrative offices. During school hours the lobby doors are locked and visitors must enter through the administrative office, creating a secure public entrance.

The building is designed for easy expansion as this district continues to grow. Future phases will include classroom additions to the east and west, additional athletic facilities, and an auditorium addition.

Project Type



Center Point, Iowa


137,000 SF