Private Residence

Many commercial trades have been housed within this early 1900’s building, including and automobile showroom, a laundromat, and professional offices. At the inception of the project the space was divided into eight-foot cubes housing tanning beds.

The new program called for the space to be a combination residence and marketing showroom for the developer owner. Portions of this project will be incorporated into future residential projects which utilize open plan living concepts.

The space was stripped to expose the essence of the original shell: rustic ceiling joists, undulating brick walls and a concrete floor rich with patina; a beautiful palette from which to begin. These elements supplemented by new finishes based on function and practicality create an analysis of contrasts: old versus new, opaque versus transparent, rough versus smooth.

Clean geometric masses and translucent planes were inserted within the open volume. Rolling wardrobe units double as storage and monolithic wall and assist in subtly dividing the open plan into two sleeping areas and a central living core to which the entry stair ascends.

Project Type



Iowa City, Iowa


1,700 SF (renovated)