St. Jude’s Parish Center

For centuries people have been gathering together in church halls to break bread with their friends and neighbors. The addition to the north side of St. Jude Catholic Church provides a new fellowship hall specifically commissioned as a place for the congregation and community to gather, share a meal, and fellowship. Organized along a connecting spine, a large kitchen, coffee bar, and restrooms support the dining area.

The large, open space was designed to be inviting, warm, and welcoming while also being flexible and highly functional for the congregation’s use. Industrial kitchen appliances with plenty of workspace support large-scale food production. A pass-through window into the kitchen allows easy access to food when serving buffet style. Warm toned, wood storage closets for collapsible tables and chairs span the north wall. Custom designed, printed glass with an alternating pattern of vines and scripture passages crowns the dining room. The printed glass provides light filtration and establishes an identity and personality for the church. Paved patios on the east and west extend the interior and serve as impromptu meeting and overflow areas.

The new hall supports numerous church events throughout the year including wedding receptions, a three-day long sweet corn festival, and a multi-week fish fry. The hall is also used every Sunday after church services as a gathering point for coffee and brunch. 

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa


13,000 SF