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Lyndley Kent

By: Lyndley Kent
March 12th, 2024

Overseen by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), Just is a third-party platform for measuring an organization’s commitment to equity and social justice. The voluntary program allows organizations to transparently disclose their operations, how they treat employees, and their financial and community investments with a simple, easy-to-understand label.

By: Lyndley Kent
October 26th, 2023

Architecture does not occur in a vacuum. From heights to materials, buildings are regulated by a complex system of interlocking rules known as codes.

By: Lyndley Kent
September 7th, 2023

Selecting a building site is one of the earliest and most important decisions on a building project. Along with your initial project cost, your choice will likely affect your organization and its operations for years to come.

By: Lyndley Kent
March 14th, 2023

With buildings accounting for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, architects are on the frontline in the fight against climate change. Every new project is an opportunity to reduce emissions and develop a more sustainable and resilient built environment.

By: Lyndley Kent
October 20th, 2022

From shipping delays to unforeseen site conditions, construction presents plenty of unknowns. To prepare for these situations, it’s wise to set aside a contingency before you head into construction. Contingencies often equal 5-10% of a project’s construction cost, though the exact amount depends on the project’s size and complexity.

By: Lyndley Kent
September 20th, 2022

From warehouses to shopping malls, the US has plenty of building stock sitting vacant. Rather than build new, many building owners are breathing life into these forgotten structures by exploring adaptive reuse strategies.

By: Lyndley Kent
May 18th, 2022

The architectural process can last several months, and in that time, a lot can happen. Whether you experience a change in budget or operations, you may want to alter the design at some point.