project designed with the Framework for Design Excellence

What the AIA Framework for Design Excellence Means for Your Project

The AIA Framework for Design Excellence provides a starting point for sustainability. Learn about its ten principles.
Neumann Monson team in a Biophilic Exploration

How to Prepare for Your LBC Biophilic Exploration

A Biophilic Exploration occurs on every LBC project. Learn how you can prepare.
biophilic design elements

What is the Living Building Challenge’s Biophilic Exploration?

Learn about the LBC's Biophilic Exploration and its requirements.
furniture and casework

Furniture vs. Casework in the Workplace: Which is Right for You?

Learn about the pros and cons of furniture and casework to determine which option fits your needs.
clients in a site planning workshop with an architect

How to Prepare for a Planning Workshop with an Architect

Planning workshops are a crucial part of Pre-Design. Follow these four steps to prepare.
participants in a planning workshop

What is a Planning Workshop?

Learn how a planning workshop can create shared ownership and build support for your project.
Understanding TIF

What is Tax Incremental Financing (TIF)?

Learn how Tax Incremental Financing can help fund private development.
design team providing feedback

How to Give Your Design Team Feedback

A design team needs to know when something isn't working. Learn how to provide the most effective feedback.
Designing for health and wellbeing

Strategies for Promoting Occupant Health and Well-Being

Thoughtful design can have a profound impact on occupants' physical and mental health.
interior designers at a crit board

Working with an Interior Designer on an Architectural Project

Learn the difference between architects and interior designers and how they both contribute to a project.
architect filling out bid tab on bid day

What Can You Expect from Bid Day?

Prepare for the public bidding process by reading about bid day procedures.
Biophilic design at Pearson

3 Biophilic Design Strategies

Learn how biophilic design can improve occupant wellbeing.
Sustainable interior design materials

3 Sustainable Interior Design Strategies

Sustainable design is more than solar arrays. Interiors play a key role in reducing a building's energy consumption.
a pre-engineered metal building used as a recreation center

Pros and Cons of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

While pre-engineered buildings have a low initial cost, they may not fit everyone's needs. Read about the pros and cons.
renovated office in Des Moines

5 Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Workspace

A workplace renovation is a chance to plan your organization's future. Learn about the factors to consider.
material selection on a building project

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting Building Materials

Learn about the best practices for selecting building materials.
pre-bid conference

What is a Pre-Bid Conference, and How Can You Prepare?

Learn how a pre-bid conference can lead to a smoother bidding process.
material selection on a building project

Material Selection on Building Projects: A Four-Step Process

Material selection is a key component of any building project. Learn how it'll work.
Design Quality critiquing a design

Meet the Design Quality Team

Learn about the history of our Design Quality team and how design critiques bring value to your project.
group of people in a visioning workshop

How to Prepare for a Visioning Workshop with Your Architect

Visioning workshops help you set high-level project goals. Learn how to prepare.
envelope commissioning on a building

Commissioning: What a Building Owner Needs to Know

Commissioning provides a level of quality assurance on a project. Learn what you can expect.
sustainable design in the midwest

Sustainable Design in the Midwest: Challenges and Opportunities

Learn about the challenges and benefits of going green in the Midwest.
Precedent research images

What is Precedent Research, and What Can You Expect?

Design work doesn't happen in a bubble. Learn how precedent research can help you establish a vision for your project.
an example of a physical model in architecture

Physical Models in Architecture: Types and Benefits

Physical modelling is one of an architect's most useful tools. Learn how it can help you visualize a design.
architectural crit board showing changes to a design

When to Make Changes to a Design: The 80/20 Rule

Altering a design later in the process can increase the cost of your project. Learn how to prevent cost increases.
early design process meeting

A Client’s Time Commitment During the Design Process

How much time does a building owner devote to the design process? Here's what you can expect.
a project that uses a building certification system

Which Building Certification System is Right for You?

Read about the most popular building certification systems and the types of projects they fit.
benefits of WELL

The Benefits of WELL

Learn how WELL can help your organization promote health, reduce absenteeism, and aid talent attraction efforts.
client listening program

The Benefits of a Client Listening Program

Learn how we use feedback requests to track expectations throughout a project's lifecycle.
contractors discussing construction terms

Helpful Construction Terms Building Owners Should Know

The construction industry has its share of jargon. Learn the terms you should know before starting a building project.
client learning architectural terms

Helpful Terms to Know Before Working with an Architect

Starting your first building project? Here are some of the most useful terms to know before working with an architect.
bid alternate

How to Use Bid Alternates Effectively

Bid alternates help manage uncertainty in a public bidding environment. Learn how to use them effectively.
FF&E at Kreg Tool

What is FF&E, and How Does the Process Work?

Building projects are not limited to the design and construction of the building. Learn how to plan for FF&E.
Iowa City Public Works Wins COTE Top Ten

Iowa City Public Works Wins a COTE Top Ten Award

Iowa City Public Works wins a COTE Top Ten Award for sustainable design excellence.
hiring a contractor

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a contractor can feel daunting. Consider these five factors when making your decision.
architects on a site selection tour

Can an Architect Help with Site Selection?

Site selection is crucial to any building project. Learn how your architect can help you weigh your options.
visualization tools in the design process

Visualization Tools Used in the Design Process

Visualization is foundational to the design process. Learn how your architect will bring the design to life.
value engineering

The Pitfalls of Value Engineering (and How to Avoid Them)

Learn about four problems you may encounter if your architect does not consider long-term operational costs.
Value engineering

What is Value Engineering, and Can You Prevent it?

Learn why value engineering occurs and how you can prevent the process from occurring after bidding.
post-pandemic office design

Trends in Post-Pandemic Office Design: Designing for Hybrid Work

Despite the popularity of remote work, the office is here to stay. Learn how your office can adjust to hybrid work.
Stanley Center, a Living Building Challenge Project

Questions to Ask Before Pursuing the Living Building Challenge (LBC)

Thinking about pursuing the LBC? Ask yourself these questions to determine if it aligns with your goals.
contractor with bidding/negotiation documents

Bidding/Negotiation: A Breakdown of the Process

Bidding/negotiation can be exciting and nerve-racking. Here's what you can expect from the process.
construction timeline delays

Factors that Delay Construction Timelines

Keep your schedule on track by learning about five factors that delay construction timelines.
contract documents

What Happens in the Contract Documents Phase of Design?

The Contract Documents phase of a building project occurs after Design Development. Learn what you can expect.
Griffith receives AIA Young Architect Award

Griffith receives AIA Young Architect Award

We are proud to announce that Nathan Griffith...
A sketchbook used in the design process

Problems that Slow the Design Process

Schedules are an important aspect of a building project. Learn how to maintain your schedule in the design process.
Design Development

What is Design Development, and How Can You Prepare?

Heading into Design Development? Learn what you can expect from your architect and how to prepare.
LEED plaque at Market One

LEED: 4 Considerations to Make Before Pursuing

Is LEED right for your project? Consider these factors before pursuing a certification.
contractor performing construction close out duties

Construction Closeout: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Learn what you can expect from your architect and contractor during construction closeout.
Top sustainable design firms in the US

Top Architecture Firms for Sustainable Design in the US

Sustainable design is more important than ever. Read about the firms who are driving the industry forward.
architects in schematic design

What is Schematic Design, and What Can You Expect?

Schematic design is one of the most exciting phases of the architectural process. Here's what you can expect.
solar panels at Market One in Des Moines

Financing Options for Solar Panels

Cost is a major concern for anyone considering solar power. Learn about your options for upfront and monthly financing.
Change management for building projects

Change Management for Building Projects

Learn how a change management expert can help your team adjust to a new work environment.
Solar power

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Solar Power

Thinking of including solar power in your next project? Consider these three factors first.
Contractors on a construction site

What Can You Expect from an Architect During Construction?

Construction can feel daunting. Here's how your architect will guide you through the process.
Architect determining the cost of a feasibility study

Factors that Impact the Cost of a Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies can range in cost. Read about the four factors that will impact what you pay.
master planning workshop

A Comprehensive Guide to the Master Planning Process

A master plan provides an overview of your organization's development. Here's what you can expect from the process.
mass timber at 111 East Grand

4 Benefits of Mass Timber

Learn why mass timber is becoming a popular alternative to steel and concrete.
students participating in the design process

Who Should You Include in the Design Process?

Successful building projects occur when everyone's voice is heard. Learn who to include in the design process.
architectural feasibility study

Architectural Feasibility Study: What You Can Learn and How to Prepare

Learn how a feasibility study can help you understand your current challenges and your options for change.
Long-term costs on a building project

Long-Term Costs to Consider When Starting a Building Project

Starting a building project? Remember to consider the long-term costs of building ownership.
An updated workspace

5 Signs You Should Update Your Workspace

Is your work environment no longer living up to its potential? It might be time for an update.
Long-term personnel costs

Accounting for Long-Term Personnel Costs on a Building Project

At the start of the design process, remember to account for long-term expenses, including the cost of your employees.
Errors and omissions in contact documents

Errors and Omissions in Contract Documents: What to Expect

Errors and omissions in contract documents are an expected part of the construction process. Here's how you can prepare.
Group on a benchmarking tour

Benchmarking Tours: What to Expect and Who to Include

Benchmarking tours can help you imagine new ways of approaching your project. Here's what you can expect.
Post-occupancy evaluations

What Are Post-Occupancy Evaluations and What Can You Expect?

Post-occupancy evaluations are a vital part of the architectural process. Learn how you benefit.
Lone Tree Wellness Center

Aligning Aspirations with Budget: Lone Tree Wellness Center

Budgets drive the design process. Learn how Lone Tree reduced construction and operational costs.
Sending an architectural rfp

How to Write an Effective Architectural RFP

Thinking of hiring an architect? Learn the best practices for writing an RFP.
Building material costs

How to Prepare for an Uncertain Building Materials Market

Since 2020, prices for many building materials have increased. Learn how to prepare for an uncertain market.
Building material price increase

Building Material Price Changes: How Your Architect Will Respond

Building material prices are a concern for anyone starting a project now. Here's how your architect will respond.
How to hire an architect

How Do You Hire an Architect? 3 Methods

Hiring an architect is a bit like dating. But without a convenient dating app, where do you begin?
residential architects in Iowa

Top Residential Architects in Iowa

Building a new home? Read our recommendations for residential architects in Iowa.
Comparing architecture fees

How to Evaluate Architecture Fees: 5 Easy Steps

Comparing architecture fees is a difficult task. Use these five steps to find the best value.
An architectural project manager reviewing design plans

What Can You Expect from an Architectural Project Manager?

A building project can feel overwhelming. Luckily, your project manager is there to help.
Architectural drawings

Can an Architect Just Stamp Your Drawings? (No! And Here’s Why)

Learn why an architect cannot simply stamp drawings created by another.
Architects meeting with clients

What Do Architects Expect From Clients? 6 Expectations

Building projects can seem daunting, but knowing your responsibilities makes the process more manageable.
Building owner preventing cost overruns

How Can Building Owners Prevent Cost Overruns? 4 Strategies

Learn the best practices for preventing cost overruns on a building project.
Hiring an architect

Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Architect

Hiring an architect is a big decision. Use these questions to establish alignment with potential candidates.
Architect preventing cost overruns

5 Ways Architects Can Mitigate Cost Overruns

Worried about cost overruns? Learn how your architect can help keep the budget on track.
group in an architectural programming workshop

Architectural Programming: Establishing a Vision for Your Building Project

How do you start a building project when you don't know what you need? The answer lies in the programming process.
Architects engaged in the design process

Drawbacks of Expediting the Design Process

Although it can be done, fast-tracking the design process comes with drawbacks and risks.
Building project contingencies

3 Types of Building Project Contingencies

Worried about managing costs during a building project? Learn how contingencies can help you plan for the unknown.
Building project timeline

4 Factors that Influence Building Project Timelines

How long does the architectural process take? The answer depends on the unique requirements of your project.
Construction change orders

What You Need to Know About Building Project Change Orders

Learn what to expect from the change order process and how much you should budget for construction contingencies.
sustainable design strategies

6 Sustainable Design Techniques for Any Building Project

Some think sustainable design makes a project more expensive, but some techniques can be added at no cost.
community members in a visioning workshop

Empathy-Building Activities in Visioning Workshops

Learn how visioning workshops can foster empathy and help your team build consensus.
woman reads outside Neumann Monson residential project

Is Neumann Monson the Right Architect for Your Residential Project?

Thinking of starting a residential project? Find out if we are the right fit.
Architect engaging a community during a bond referendum

4 Ways an Architect Can Help with a Bond Referendum

Needing to pass a bond referendum? Here's how architects can assist you in the process.
cakes representing architecture fees

4 Factors that Influence Architecture Fees

Wondering what you'll pay for architectural services? Learn about the factors that influence percentage fees.
Living Building Challenge Petals

7 Petals of the Living Building Challenge

Thinking about taking on the Living Building Challenge? Learn about its 7 Petal requirements.
Beckwith Boathouse, LEED certified

Why Use a Green Building Rating System?

Learn the pros and cons of using a third-party green building rating system.
Basic vs. supplemental services

Basic vs. Supplemental Services: Breaking Down Architecture Fees 

Starting your first building project? Here's how architects charge for their services.
MidwestOne, a project to use federal historic tax credits

4 Eligibility Requirements for Federal Historic Tax Credits

Thinking about applying for historic tax credits? See if your project qualifies.
group in a kickoff meeting with an architect

What Can You Expect from a Kickoff Meeting?

A kickoff meeting is foundational to the architectural process. Learn what to expect and who to include.
Construction vs. project costs

Construction Costs vs. Project Costs: Breaking Down the Expenses of a Building Project

Starting your first building project? Be sure to account for these expenses...
Life cycle costs as an iceberg

What are Life Cycle Costs and Why are They Important?

The true cost of building ownership occurs over a building's lifetime. Learn why you should invest in quality materials.
Three Steps of the Federal Historic Tax Credit Application

Three Steps of the Federal Historic Tax Credit Application

The federal historic tax credit application can seem daunting. We're here to help.
Architectural process on Market House

The 7 Steps of the Architectural Process: From Napkin Sketching to Ribbon Cutting

First time working with an architect? Check out our comprehensive guide to the architectural process.
2021 AIA Iowa Young Architect Award

2021 AIA Iowa Young Architect Award

Congratulations Lyndley on receiving the AIA Iowa Young Architect Award!
Wilken's building molding

What are Federal Historic Tax Credits and How do They Work?

Federal historic tax credits are an effective way to help fund a complex rehabilitation project.
Design Awards: 2021 AIA Iowa

Design Awards: 2021 AIA Iowa

Two Neumann Monson projects have received AIA Iowa Excellence in Design Awards.
Contractor and architect meet on building site

The Pros and Cons of Five Project Delivery Methods

Not sure how to execute your building project? We break down the five most common project delivery methods.
Stanley Center rendering

Choosing a Site for the Living Building Challenge (LBC)

How do you choose a site for the LBC? Read about the Stanley Center's site selection process.
minaret at the Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak of Des Moines

Calling Iowa Home: Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak of Des Moines

Complete with a 130-foot-tall minaret, the mosque represents the perseverance of the Des Moines' Bosnian community.
Stanley Center in Muscatine, IA

The Stanley Center’s Commitment to Muscatine

Learn how the LBC will deepen the Stanley Center's commitment to Muscatine.
East College Street development render

East College Street: A New Model for Downtown Development

Tailwind Group's East college Street project merges new development with historic renovation.
Market House mural

Market House and the Power of Public Art

Market House's mural, "The Reciprocal of Humanity," makes a powerful statement about racial justice.
Why LBC - Stanley Center

Why LBC? The Stanley Center’s Commitment to Climate Change Solutions

Taking on the LBC is the newest chapter in the Stanley Center's history of climate change action.
Weatherdance Fountain Stage Canopy featured in Iowa Architect Magazine

Weatherdance Fountain Stage Canopy featured in Iowa Architect Magazine

Weatherdance Fountain Stage Canopy is featured in the Summer 2021 issue of Iowa Architect Magazine.
Kreg Tool’s New Facility Promotes Collaboration

Kreg Tool’s New Facility Promotes Collaboration

Kreg Tool's new facility in Ankeny, IA merges their office and manufacturing components.
APWA Project of the Year

Iowa City Public Works Facility Earns APWA Project of the Year Award

The recently completed Iowa Public Works facility earns national recognition.
Weatherdance Stage Canopy in Iowa City

Weatherdance Cultivates Community in Downtown Iowa City

Weatherdance acts as a central meeting point for entertainers, speakers, and activists.
Stanley Center for Peace and Security

Stanley Center Seeks a Living Building Certification

The Stanley Center for Peace and Security takes on the Living Building Challenge.
Zweig Group award

Zweig Group Ranks Neumann Monson #2 Architect Firm to Work For

The Zweig Group recognizes NM in their national employee experience survey.
Just organzation

Just Organization: Committed to a More Equitable Future

In 2020, we used Just to look inward and make a difference externally.
AIA Impact Award Unitarian Universal

Unitarian Universalist Receives AIA Iowa Impact Award

Thank you to the members of UUS who made this award-winning project possible.
Market One , COTE Top Ten Award Winner

Historic and Sustainable: Market One Wins the COTE Top Ten Award

Market One wins the COTE TOP Ten Award, the industry's highest award for sustainable design excellence.
Sustainable design at the Neumann Monson Des Moines studio

Commitment to Sustainability

Neuman Monson discusses our commitment to sustainable design excellence as we work toward a carbon-neutral future.
Market House Iowa City

Market House featured in Iowa Architect Magazine

Market House is featured in the Spring 2021 issue of Iowa Architect's Magazine.
2020 Wood Design & Building Awards

2020 Wood Design & Building Awards

We are thrilled to announce that 111 E. Grand has been recognized by Wood Design and Building Magazine.
NOMA Conference Focuses on Changing Cities

NOMA Conference Focuses on Changing Cities

The 2020 NOMA Conference focused on the challenges facing American Cities and architecture's role in the future.
2020 AIA National Interior Architecture Award

2020 AIA National Interior Architecture Award

Voxman School of Music was awarded a 2020 AIA Interior Architecture Award.
Neumann Monson's Matt Krieger

Neumann Monson’s Matt Krieger Recognized in Forty Under 40

Congratulations Matt Krieger on your Forty Under 40 recognition!
AIA Iowa Emerging Professionals Competition

AIA Iowa Emerging Professionals Competition

Subayno and Cryer share award-winning projects from the AIA Iowa Emerging Professionals Competition.
Sustainable Design at Iowa City Public Works - Phase I

Iowa City Public Works: Investing in Sustainable Design

Project manager Jesse Bulman discusses energy-efficient features at ICPW.
Design awards from AIA Central States

Design Awards: 2020 AIA Central States

Neumann Monson receives five awards from AIA Central States.
2020 AIA Iowa Design Awards

Design Awards: 2020 AIA Iowa

Two Neumann Monson projects have received AIA Iowa Excellence in Design Awards.
Nathan Griffith Young Architect Award

2020 AIA Iowa Young Architect Award

Congratulations Nathan on receiving the AIA Iowa Young Architect Award!
AIA Medal of Honor

Tim Schroeder Receives AIA Iowa Medal of Honor

Neumann Monson President Tim Schroeder is recognized for his service to the profession.
IIDA Awards

2020 IIDA IDEA Awards

The Tuesday Agency, designed by Neumann Monson, was recognized as Best in Show.
CarbonCure, a sustainable material

Sustainable Materials: CarbonCure

New sustainable concrete might revolutionize the construction industry.
Office Reboot Plan

Office Reboot Plan

View our office reboot plan as we transition from remote work.
St. Luke the Evangelist, winner of Interfaith Design Award

Faith & Form/AIA Interfaith Design Award

St. Luke the Evangelist receives recognition from the design community.
Remote Work Photo Gallery

Remote Work Photo Gallery

Beginning in March 2020, a large portion of our studio began working remotely. Check out our at-home work stations.
2020 IA Impact Award

2020 AIA Iowa Impact Awards

In 2020, two NM projects received AIA Iowa Impact Awards.
Remote work

A message from NM

An update on remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Iowa City Climate Action Commission

Q&A: Matt Krieger, Iowa City Climate Action Commission

Matt Krieger has been appointed to the Iowa City Climate Action Commission ...
January 2020 Sketch Tour

Sketch Tour: January 2020

Each quarter, NM’ers gather over lunch to share their sketchbooks ...
Lindsley receives AIA Young Architect Award

Lindsley receives AIA Young Architect Award

We are proud to announce that our own Nick Lindsley...
Guhl becomes shareholder

Guhl becomes shareholder

We are pleased to announce our newest shareholder...
ISU Super Review

ISU Super Review

Iowa State University hosts its first Super Review.
Architect 50 list

Neumann Monson Recognized On Architect 50

Architect 50 seeks to answer the question: "Who had the best year?"
Jesse Bulman - Forty Under 40

Bulman Honored as Forty Under 40

Congratulations NM architect Jesse Bulman on Forty Under 40 recognition!
2019 AIA Central States Design Awards

2019 AIA Central States Design Awards

Neumann Monson Architects honored with three AIA Central States Design Awards...
2019 AIA Iowa Excellence in Design Awards

2019 AIA Iowa Excellence in Design Award

Three Neuman Monson projects have received AIA Iowa Excellence in Design Awards.
COO Honoree

COO Honoree

Tim Schroeder named a 2019 COO of the Year Honoree...
Cryer, Noble-Hagerty join NM

Cryer, Noble-Hagerty join NM

NM welcomes two new team members...
PSMJ Award for Client Satisfaction

PSMJ Awards

For a fourth consecutive year, Neumann Monson Architects has been honored...
LEED Certification for One University Place

LEED Certification: One University Place

One University Place has achieved LEED Certification from the United States Green Building Council...
COTE Top Ten Toolkit Updates

COTE Top Ten Toolkit Updates

The AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) promotes design practices that enhance design quality and environmental...
NM welcomes summer interns

NM welcomes summer interns

Each summer, NM adds firepower and fresh perspectives by inviting a handful of undergraduate and graduate students...
NM @ CXps

NM @ CXps

Tim Schroeder and architect Sally Obernolte shared an update on NM’s client experience initiative at this year's Client
Berlin Wall replica in Cedar Rapids, IA

Revolution Starts in the Streets: Berlin Wall Replica

Mentoring, connecting, and educating students...
2019 IIDA IDEA Awards

2019 IIDA IDEA Awards

NM honored with an International Interior Design Association, Design Excellence Award...
2019 AIA Iowa Impact Awards

2019 AIA Iowa Impact Awards

The American Institute of Architects, Iowa Chapter recognized two projects with Impact Awards...
MidWestOne, Commercial project

LEED Gold Certification

The new MidWestOne One Facility at Riverfront Crossings has achieved LEED Gold certification...
A desire to create

A desire to create

At NM, sketching is an integral part of our daily lives. Architect Eric Neuhaus’ AIA Iowa award winning project...
STEM Institute

STEM Institute

Our own Jesse Bulman and Nathan Griffith guided six classes of future designers through a design process...
Going Home

Going Home

Explore the meaning of home at the Stanley Museum of Art's new temporary pop-up exhibition...
2018 EP Friendly Firm

2018 EP Friendly Firm

Neumann Monson has been named an Outstanding Emerging Professional (EP) Friendly Firm...
Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Action Plan

Neumann Monson has signed the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment...
AIA Central States Design Awards

AIA Central States Design Awards

The American Institute of Architects Central States Region (AIA CSR) honored two Neumann Monson projects...
The Challenge of Home

The Challenge of Home

Habitat for Humanity seems like a natural fit for an architect, so when I landed in Iowa City...
AIA Iowa Design Awards 2018

2018 AIA Iowa Design Awards

Six projects designed by Neumann Monson have received AIA Design Awards.
2018 AIA Iowa Young Architect

2018 AIA Iowa Young Architect

Nick Lindsley honored with the 2018 AIA Iowa Young Architect Award...
AIA Iowa Medal of Honor

AIA Iowa Medal of Honor

Kevin Monson honored with the 2018 AIA Iowa Medal of Honor...
AIA Fall Convention

AIA Fall Convention

Eric Neuhaus and Cheung Chan recently presented a course on dowel laminated timber...
Future Architects

Future Architects

To celebrate Architecture Month this April, Neumann Monson hosted a group of future architects...
Tim Schroeder Assumes Presidency

Tim Schroeder Assumes Presidency

Tim Schroeder steps into the role of President as Kevin Monson continues as Chairman of the Board...
Plaza Towers - Finalist, ULI

Plaza Towers – Finalist, ULI

Twenty-five extraordinary developments from around the world were selected as finalists...
Shaping Communities

Shaping Communities

The Gray Book notes some regional opportunities we're proud of and...